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Chair Massage

Nothing fancy and no need to disrobe for a chair massage, an alternative to a massage table with work on your back, arms, hands, neck, & shoulders. Ideal for those with limited extra time in their daily routines.

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Signature Therapeutic Massage

Additional time for bodywork & assessment to maximize therapeutic benefits. Hot towels, other heat applications, and topical enhancements used.

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Therapeutic Massage

30 or 60 minutes of massage promoting tension relief, increasing body awareness, better posture, and help detoxify the body. Aromatherapy, topicals, & heat applications included in session.

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Reflexology focuses on applying pressure to specific nerve zones in the feet, hands, and ears. Topical enhancements, hot stones, and hot towels are used during this treatment.

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Prenatal Massage

For expecting mothers to ease aches, relieve tension, and promote hormone regulation. Massage is done in side-lying position with extra pillows for support.

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Add-On Services

30 minutes of Reflexology or a Scalp Massage added to another service to elevate your wellness practice even further. .

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Groupon Reflexology

60 or 75 minute reflexology session focusing on relaxing nervous pathways in the feet, hands, and ears. CBD oil is used during this treatment. This service is for Groupon purchasers and voucher code is required.

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April Sargent