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We are a full-service holistic services office provided mind-body integrative therapies which support your health and healing. Come and experience better balance, less pain, and take time for you. We offer therapeutic massage, doula services, yoga services, reflexology, and holistic health coaching to help support your need. Don't wait any longer. Feel better now. CALL NOW!
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Our Services

1- 60min Groupon PreNatal Massage
1-60min Groupon Swedish Massage
2-60min Groupon PreNatal Massage
2-60min Groupon Swedish Massage
1-30min Groupon Foot Reflexology
1 -60min Groupon Foot Reflexology
3 - 60min Groupon Foot Reflexology
5 - 60min Groupon Foot Reflexology
30min Therapeutic (Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular) Massage
30min Reflexology with essential oils/hot towels
Feel the balance as if you had a full body massage.
3 session pack 30min Therapeutic (Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular) Massage
30min sessions given 1 week apart for maximum results to address acute/chronic flairs.
3 session pack 60min Therapeutic Massage
60min Therapeutic (Deep Tissue/NeuroMuscular) Massage
Full body customized session to meet your specific rehab or therapeutic need.
60min PreNatal Massage
Great for any stage of your pregnancy. Please obtain your physician approval for massage especially if you have special medical concerns or complicated pregnancy. Client health/wellness screenings are done prior to the session.
60min Aroma Well Massage
A full body session using 7 different essential oils used to balance your chakras and relieve your stress.
60min Reflexology with essential oils/hot towels
90min Therapeutic (Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular) Massage
90min Couples Massage Instructional
Each client receives a 30min massage from therapist and a 30min instructional on simple techniques to use at home between massage appointments. Relax, relate, restore with your partner. Connecting through the power of touch.
5-pack Massages - 30min each session
5 pack Massages - 60min each session
Doula Services - Payment plans available
For those looking for holistic support and services before, during, and after the pregnancy. I am your advocate to support your birth choice and plans. Detail services will be provided during your orientation appointment. Prices vary and packages available.
15min Seated Chair Massage
For relief on the go. Great for pre or post work out, focus troubled area of the head, neck, or shoulder area. Quick pick me up for those with little time and on the go.
Holistic Health Coaching
Great for those looking for better balance and support for a lifestyle change that includes nutritional, wellness, and coaching support for better balance.
Customized Monthly Wellness Package
Make your wellness automatic. Monthly auto deduction payments required for this plan. Combine Massage, yoga, and/or coaching session based on your need. Treat yourself to a monthly massage session at a discounted rate. Packages also available. Payment plan options available if needed.
1x1 yoga or small group flow
Individual or Small group Meditation
Guided meditation and journaling time. Creating a sacred space of clarity and renewal.
60min Heated Stone Massage
60min PostNatal Massage
Great for the 4th trimester (post delivery). Please obtain your physician approval for massage especially if you have special medical concerns or complicated pregnancy recovery. Client health/wellness screenings are done prior to the session. Great for rebalancing, cleansing, and healing post pregnancy body.
Thai Yoga Massage
Thai yoga massage is an active type of massage where clients are put through a series of modified yoga poses while the practitioner performs a full-body massage. The different yoga poses allow for a deeper stretch that can be especially beneficial for people whose activities have a specific, repetitive range of motion, like running or biking. There is a full-body flow, but we adapt to the needs of the client, the activity they may be training for and the tension that presents itself. During the massage, clients stay dressed and usually lie on thai yoga mat that spreads across the floor. Thai yoga massage is not about pain or being a yogi, but about using the combination of massage and stretching to help the mind and body recover and relax.
Corporate Chair Massage & Wellness Event
This service is great for small to large size organizations. Please contact office directly to discuss your specific need and pricing. Travel charge will be added for all organizations outside a 10mile radius of Sacred Soul office space. A minimum of 2 hours of service time required. Shift schedules available for first responder groups (hospital staff, fire, and police). Please complete the online contact form or email to:

Our Staff

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