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NEW PATIENT Complimentary Orthodontic Evaluation

WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY OF SMILES!! *Complimentary initial consultation. *Interest free financing. *All insurance accepted. Always schedule as soon as possible, same day best send text and welcome email

Free · 30 minutes

Observation Visit

Patient is usually in need of some possible orthodontic treatment but it is not ready yet. We are placing the patient in an observation program of complimentary visits to follow up.

Complimentary Observation visit · 30 minutes

Bonding Additional Braces

Long appointment, adding 3 or more braces should be 9-3pm needs time

Free · 30 minutes

Deliver Aligners, Treatment starts

Free · 15 minutes

Orthodontic Monthly Adjustment

(Existing Patients) Regular Orthodontic appointment for continuing treatment. usually monthly and made before leaving the office

Price Varies · 15 minutes

Debond/ Appliances Removal and Final Records

Balance must be paid i full before this appointment. A follow up retainer deliver appointment should be made

Price Varies · 1 hour

Retainer Check Phase I follow up Routine Appointment

For existing patients that finished their Orthodontic Treatment at our office and need an appointment to check progress or an evaluation in order to start a Phase II Treatment.

Free · 15 minutes

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