The Movement Therapy Institute

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At MTI, we deliver a hands- on, top tiered professional approach to physical therapy. We pride ourselves in being Performance Physical Therapists. We evaluate and treat a wide variety of conditions and movement dysfunctions. We work one-on-one with each client and ensure treatment sessions are tailored to meet individual needs to help reduce pain, restore motion/coordination, gain strength, and improve overall performance.
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Our Services

Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation
Includes a thorough medical history, functional movement evaluation and involved region, home exercise program, education regarding injury, management and manual therapy.
Physical Therapy Re-Evaluation
Only for clients that have been seen previously returning for the same condition or problem.
Physical therapy treatment session
Continued management of current injury. Continued education regarding movement patterns to eradicate symptoms and improve performance and efficiency. Manual therapy as needed.
Wellness/Restoration Session
This service is for patients that are not experiencing pain. It includes manual therapy and setting up a customized movement program. The chief aim is to promote a parasympathetic response for regeneration and to improve range of motion, motor control, balance, coordination and ultimate improve your performance.

Our Staff

Dr. Aracelly Latino-Feliz, DPT
Dr. Latino-Feliz is the founder and director of physical therapy at MTI. She has a passion for the human body, natural healing and optimizing movement and performance. She believes that empowering and teaching her patients how to create healthy and strong bodies is key to healing and living optimally.