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Free 10 Discovery Call

This is a brief call to get to know each other and find the right service for you

Free · 10 minutes

Vedic Astrology

Using your exact birth time, date of birth and location, I will draw up a chart in which to read for you and provide a reading of your life map.

$129 · 1 hour

Psychic / Tarot Reading

This is an individual reading which can be recorded upon request. I will default to a phone call - if you would like a zoom session, please let me know 15 Minute Reading

$36 · 15 minutes

Follow Up Ayurveda

This is for anyone who has already had an Ayurvedic Consultation with me to book a follow up

$30 · 20 minutes


$54 · 30 minutes

Initial Ayurvedic Consultation

An Initial, full Ayurvedic Consultation 1 Hour Consult - at practitioner's discretion To assist with your reading I will be sending you an email with a questionnaire to be completed and submitted the day before your consultation. Please begin a food journal of 3 days worth of eating and also document your elimination (urination & defecation) Take and send me the following photos: the backs of your hands, displaying your unpolished fingernails Your tongue extended Your whole form, so a selfie in a mirror without concealing clothing on Your face with no makeup and a blank expression. This Initial consultation includes a Free 15 minute follow up call!

Variable Price $90 · 1 hour


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