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Virtual Curlset Session

Are you having a hard time getting the best at-home wash & go? In this 1 on 1 1hr online session you'll learn step by step techniques, product recommendations and get a full product analysis of your current products. Show up to this session with wet, freshly cleansed, conditioned and detangled hair Please give accurate info when creating your profile to get your email confirmation and instructions

$100 · 1 hour

In Salon Curl Lesson

Did you follow the YouTube rabbit hole and your curls are STILL dry, frizzy, & wash hour takes all day? Have curly kids and you need guidance? This is a partial hands on curl lesson Come fully detangled . Bring the products you'd normally use on wash day Includes: Detox, Cleanse, Condition, Signature Curly Style (twistset or curlset), 1 shampoo & conditioner combo w/2 stylers

$360 · 2 hours

New Guest FRS Curly Cut

FOR NEW GUESTS & IF YOUR LAST BISIT WAS OVER 4 MONTHS AGO ONLY! $50 non refundable booking fee (goes towards total service) Dry cutting natural pattern to enhance the shape & condition. Hair prep instructions on salon website before booking. Includes: Shampoo,Curly Cut, Steam & Detox & Curlset. Extra charge for extra length,density & detangling

$235 · 2 hours

Signature Straight Cut

Create a new shape for straight & blown out hair ONLY. Extra charge for style,extra length,density and texture. Includes: cut only

$45 · 30 minutes

Signature Curly Style

FOR RETURNING GUESTS ONLY! Extra charge for length & density Includes: shampoo, conditioner & curlset , twistset or rodset

$75 · 1 hour

Signature Blowout

FOR RETURNING GUESTS ONLY! Extra charge for length & density Includes: shampoo, conditioner & blowout

$75 · 1 hour

Signature Dimensional Color

$50 non refundable booking fee (goes towards total service) Multiple colors to create dimension by foiling or freehand painting. Extra charge for style, extra length,density & chemical product.Includes: color application ,1 toner, & Olaplex

$240 · 2 hours

Custom Color Correction

$50 non refundable booking fee. $250 for the 1st hr then $100/hr afterwards. Correcting/balancing previous color , going over 3 levels up or down or incorporating fashion colors Includes: Color,treatments & style

$250 · 3 hours

Metowi Microlinks

50% non refundable booking fee due BEFORE booking service Metowi Method Microlinks are the flattest most natural extension method that blends with your natural hair texture. NO braids, glue or sewing, tension ! All new installations include Freshly Rooted Virgin Hair Extensions. Service includes: shampoo,steam,(new install, reinstall or adjust & blowout),straight cut & signature style. Last up to 12 wks with proper care AND maintenance Length of extensions determines price increase MICROLINK BLOWOUT- Every 2 weeks Includes: shampoo,steam and blowout ADJUST &BLOWOUT should be done every 4-6wks to maintain a healthy installation REINSTALL - $50 booking fee. Reinstallation of Freshly Rooted microlinks install ONLY! Using the same hair from the initial install. Extra charge for removal .Includes: shampoo, steam, install & signature style

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Not a to be booked without a signature service

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Not a to be booked without a signature service

$20 · 20 minutes

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