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Teeth Whitening (In Salon Treatment)

Please arrive 5 minutes before appointment to prep and expect slight delays. Our in salon teeth whitening service is superior to anything you will find on the market for many reasons. Simply, it is easy, fast and effective teeth whitening. Our premium USA made, dental grade gel formula encompasses a desensitizing ingredient called potassium nitrate. This allows for you to experience little to no sensitivity when using our gel formula under the high powered LED light. With the BleachBright combination of the pre-filled L.E.D. Whitening Kit and Advanced III LED light, you can expect 2-8 shades whiter! The BleachBright teeth whitening light system combines speed and convenience with amazing results. • 20 Minutes to Whiter Teeth • Bluminerals™ sealer - Bluminerals™ enamel boosting gel seals in your whitened teeth and protects them against future stains. With just a 10-minute treatment, sitting under our L.E.D. teeth whitening lamp, you can increase your enamel strength and protect your teeth against damage and yellowing.

$59.95 · 45 minutes

Teeth Whitening DOUBLE TREATMENT (In Salon Treatment)

Get a double treatment back to back for double the whitening results! Become a VIP member for discounts!

$115 · 1 hour 15 minutes


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