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Full set of Lash Extensions

Fully cover your lash line with individual extensions to add length, curl or width. Sets are customizable to clients preference.

$150 · 2 hours 15 minutes


Achieve a fuller/thicker brow with this semi permanent procedure. Hair like strokes look very natural unlike a tattoo. This includes first and second session which has to be done within 4-6 weeks. Results vary depending on the clients skin. This service lasts up to 3 years depending on skin type and daily habits. Can not be done while undergoing chemo/radiation or pregnant.

$500 · 2 hours

Microblading Touch Up

Second session after initial Microblading appointment.

1 hour 30 minutes

Microblading and shading

Hair strokes just like normal Microblading but powder like shading incorporated to give a darker or more full brow. Very good for oily skin or clients who want bold or more dramatic brows. Very good retention.

$650 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Eyebrow lamination

Alternative to Microblading. Takes brow hairs that are unruly, growing down or thin and lifts them upward in a vertical direction. Brows will look smooth as if you’ve applied brow gel to them. This service includes a wax and tint 🙂

$75 · 1 hour

Eyelash Fill

2-4 weeks after a full set fill lashes that have fallen out or grew out too long.

$75 · 1 hour 45 minutes

Eyelash lift and tint

Semi permanent lift and curl to your natural lashes. This is done with a chemical solution and lasts 6-12 weeks.

$65 · 55 minutes

Eyebrow Waxing & Shaping

$20 · 20 minutes

Eyebrow Tinting & Waxing

Wax and shape, finished off with brow tint. Tint Last 7-10 days and is matched with your brow hair.

$30 · 25 minutes

Arm wax

$20 · 30 minutes

Glam Makeup

Evening or event glam makeup

$70 · 1 hour 10 minutes

Natural Makeup

Natural makeup. Light or no eyeshadow. Natural lash extensions included.

$60 · 1 hour

Bridal Makeup

Makeup can be done at our location or at your desired location. Travel fee is .50 per mile there and back. Travel limit is 45 min max. Brides are $80 and bridesmaids are $75. Please contact to see if the wedding date is available (with trial).

$80 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Chin Wax

$7 · 10 minutes

Forehead Wax

$8 · 10 minutes

Underarm Wax

$20 · 20 minutes

Sideburn Wax

$13 · 10 minutes

Full Leg Wax

$50 · 30 minutes

Full Face Wax

$40 · 30 minutes

Bridal Makeup Trial

Call or message about booking your wedding to make sure the date for your wedding is available.

$75 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Annual Microblading Touchup

Only DeAsia’s existing Microblading clients. If you have Microblading from somewhere else please send a picture of your brows so we can make sure we’re able to work over them. $100-$200

$130 · 1 hour 25 minutes

Third session microblading

$50 · 1 hour

Half set of Lashes

Alternative to a full set of lashes, less extensions are applied for a more natural and lighter look. This may require a fill sooner than a full set.

$100 · 1 hour 40 minutes

Ombre Powder Brows

Semi permanent powder (makeup) like brows. Say goodbye to your brow pencil/makeup. Get the shape you want and a slightly more bold brow compared to Microblading. Better for those with more oily skin.

$600 · 2 hours 15 minutes

Ombré powder brows SPECIAL limited time

Grand opening special. Includes both first and touchup session. Great option for oily skin or those who just want something a little more than Microblading. Great retention lasts 1-3 years!

$350 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Ombré Touchup

2 hours 15 minutes

Lip Wax

$5 · 10 minutes

Bridal Trial

Please contact to see if you’re wedding date is available before booking trial.

$70 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Hybrid Lash extensions

A mix between volume and classic lashes for those who want a little bit more fullness than a classic set.

$180 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Tweeze & Tint

$15 · 20 minutes

Henna Brows

Lasts 2-6 weeks depending on the skin type.

$45 · 30 minutes

Half set fill

Every two weeks. Only for half set of lashes.

$50 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Hybrid Fill

$90 · 2 hours

Eyebrow wax MICROBLADED clients ONLY

$15 · 20 minutes

New Client Lash Fill

For clients coming to get a full with lashes on from another tech outside of DV. Price starting at $75 and could go up depending on the amount of lashes you have on and/or if removal is necessary

$75 and up $75 · 1 hour 45 minutes

De-Asia Sotomayor

De-Asia is the owner of De-Asia's Vanity. She has been a licensed esthetician since 2014. Specializing in eyebrows, she is double certified in microblading through Phi Brows and Beauty Angels Academy. Eyelash extensions and makeup are also two of her favorite services to offer but the list goes on. She looks forward to giving you the makeover you always wanted!!



Lilly is a talented brow technician who specializes in Ombre powder brows/ Microshading. She can't wait to meet her new clients!


Olivia Goo



Perla is a licensed cosmetologist and soon to be licensed esthetician. She specializes in eyelash extensions, with hopes to soon offer other services.