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Infant Massage August Group

Learn infant massage from a certified educator! This 5-week series makes learning massage easy and fun by breaking down the strokes and bodyparts week by week. The class time is also used to discuss parenting joys and challenges, learn about infant development, the benefits of massage, and how to increase the parent-baby bond. Parents, grandparents, a visiting friend or relative are all welcome to attend (limited to two adults per baby each week). Class dates: Wednesdays at 10:30, August 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29. To register, please book yourself a 15 min appointment, during which time I will confirm your class details and answer questions. Call/text for info.

$125 · 15 minutes

Tummy Time! Method July Group

You've heard of The Back to Sleep Campaign, which started in the 90s as an effort to reduce the incidence of SIDS, right? Have you heard of Tummy to Play, the equally important second side of this champaign? Tummy time is recognized by the American Academy of Pediatrics as critical for healthy development, but without supportive instruction, many babies struggle on their tummy. It's common for babies to be moved from their back to parents arms, carriers, swings, and sleepers with minimal if any time on their tummies. Tummy Time! Method is a fun, educational, and therapeutic experience, preparing baby for sequential motor and neurological development, unwinding torticollis, helping with reflux, colic, latch, tethered oral tissues, head molding, sleep, the parent-infant bond and so much more! Babies 2 weeks - pre crawling. Current dates: 5 Tues. @ 4:30-5:30, July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31. To register, book a 15 min appointment. Then I will confirm your class details and answer questions. Call/text for more info.

$125 · 15 minutes

Birth and Bonding Class Tuesdays in June 5th-26th

This class is essential for first time and experienced parents. I will take you through an original curriculum based on my Masters level education in pre and perinatal psychology, 7 years of birth doula experience, and 12 years providing prenatal and infant massage. Included in the course is anatomy, stages of labor, and creating a birth plan, as well as mindfulness, yoga and massage techniques to use before, during and after the birth. I also bring in the perspective of the baby as a conscious participant in the birth experience. You will learn how to include the baby in the birth, what baby needs to feel safe immediately after birth, and how to understand baby's non-verbal communication during infancy. The 8-hour curriculum is divided into 4 classes; dates vary. Class is limited to 4 couples. Privates are also available. To register, please book a 15 min appointment, during which time I will confirm your class details and answer questions. Call/text for upcoming class dates.

$275 · 15 minutes

Coaching: one-on-one or couples

Gain insight into your patterns of thought and behavior. Use the insight to make changes in areas of your life that need renewed energy. Use Jess as a sounding board for ideas and concerns, accountability, and problem-solving. Come alone or with your partner. Couples coaching is an excellent alternative to marriage therapy. Call/text me for more info.

$115 · 1 hour

Coaching Package: one-on-one or couples

Hold yourself accountable to really making some headway towards your goals with 3 hours of coaching. Break it up into 3, one hour sessions, 2, 90-minute session, or a 3-hour coaching intensive. Packages are designed to be used within 3 weeks. Call/text me for more info.

$270 · 3 hours

Baby Bodywork

I provide manual therapy and parent education for newborn through pre-crawling babies. All babies benefit from bodywork after birth to help them grow from gestational constraint and the birth process (vaginal or Cesarian). Specific conditions that may draw your attention to needing bodywork include head turning preferences, torticollis, head flattening, reflux, colic, tight muscles, asymmetries, trouble at the breast (painful latch), tongue and lip tie, and constipation. Call/text me for more info.

$85 · 1 hour

Baby Bodywork 3 hour Package

Most babies will need between 2-6 sessions, close together, so I offer a discounted rate to help get you in for treatment. You will learn skills to help your baby at home, receive referrals as needed, and may text me anytime between appointments for continued support. You will pay for your package and schedule your first session now. The 2 follow up appointments will be scheduled when we meet. Call/text me for more info.

$185 · 1 hour

Private Yoga one-on-one or couples

Personalized meditation and gentle, alignment-based movement great for new yogis or those who want to deepen their practice. Perfect for just you, or bring your partner or bestie. Call/text me for more info.

$60 · 1 hour

Yoga Small Group 75 mins

My small group classes cater to those new to yoga, practicing yoga prenatally, or in the postpartum stage with pre-crawling babies. Please reach out to me to create a new group with you and your friends or to be placed in a group already forming. Classes are run as a 6-week series and payment is made in advance to maintain the integrity of the group. To register, please book yourself a 15 min appointment, during which time I will confirm your class details and answer questions. Call/text me for more info.

$120 · 15 minutes

60 Minute Massage

Please specify in your appointment request if you are interested in soft tissue table work or Thai Yoga therapy. My table work is a blend of Swedish, myofascial and craniosacral therapy. I don't consider myself a "deep tissue" therapist which basically means I am not going to hurt you. My style is deeply therapeutic for physical and emotional stress. Thai Yoga therapy is done on a floor mat, with the client fully clothed. The effects are energizing and relaxing and have been likened to a passive yoga class ( I do the work- you relax). Thai work is a combination of joint mobilization, stretching, and compression along energy lines and points similar to the meridian theories of acupuncture. I work with people of all ages and levels of ability, including prenatal and postpartum moms, and children.

$85 · 1 hour

90 Minute Massage

Who wouldn't want a longer bodywork session?!! (Find service description under 60 Minute Massage tab). Call/text for more info.

$120 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Jess Ahlum

I'm in the business of helping people become better people. My clients are interested in becoming more self-aware, healthy, happy and positive. My work is grounded in psychology, yoga, coaching, and bodywork.