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Theta® Healing Session (Soul and Past Life Healing)

People who have any kind of healing with Victoria report benefits that include: feeling lighter, less worried about the past or people who have wronged them, more clarity around past events or the future, feeling more positive. Some people find their pain or symptoms eased or even gone. Victoria connects to the Divine Source (Creator of All That Is, no religious attachments) using her clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities to find the negative beliefs and traumatic attachments behind pain, illness, relationship issues and any other issues that are holding you back in life, then acts as witness as they are healed using unconditional love. This healing works on a DNA level and takes two to three weeks to fully integrate. More than one session may be necessary to effect permanent results.

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Spiritual Development Tutoring Session

Victoria will work with you to identify and heal your blockages to unlock your psychic gifts and potential. She will work one-on-one with you to guide you to develop spiritually and at your own pace, healing fears and blocks along the way to allow you to develop your own particular psychic clairs. Victoria will teach you to trust in your abilities and connect to your guides safely, how to protect your energies at all times, different meditation techniques and how to use psychic tools in the most accurate ways according to spiritual law. You will have more understanding of how to live in the physical world whilst always maintaining a spiritual connection. If your gifts are already awakening, you will feel less fear and more in control. Working one-on-one allows Victoria to tailor each session to perfectly meet your needs. Packages of 5 sessions are recommended. Call Victoria to discuss your needs on 0417581107

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Psychic Reading

After a reading with Victoria, you will experience strong clarity and vision for the future. You will have an idea of probable timelines for events, a more concrete direction in career and personal life and more clarity around relationships. If healing has occurred, you will feel lighter and have a more positive outlook. Victoria uses her clairvoyant abilities to scan your aura and physical body for energetic attachments, blockages and interferences. She can tune into what the issues are, where they stem from and who they relate to and help to guide you on possible solutions to these issues.

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