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One-on-One Wig Buying Consultation

Please note, our prices start around $500 and go up to about $2000. Appointments are 45 minutes to an hour.

Free · 45 minutes

Virtual Consultation with Lena

Come and shop for the perfect wig virtually. Once you have purchased your virtual visit here: we'll send you a form to fill out so we can have options ready to show you. When you purchase a wig, you'll receive a $35 discount. Looking forward to meeting you (virtually)!

Schedule Now! $40 · 45 minutes

Wig Cut

When you purchase a new full price wig with warranty, cut is included. Second hand and overstock wigs do not include a cut and the cost is $75. A wash and set after the cut. is included.

1 hour

Adjustment on Lena's Cut

After your wig has been cut, you can come back twice for a FREE cut adjustment within a month. A total recut will be charged as a new cut. After 2 adjustments, adjustments are $30.

30 minutes

Wig Thinning

No more bulky, fake looking wigs! Thinning your wig in the right places is the secret to a natural looking wig.

$50 · 30 minutes

Bangs Cut

Includes 1 touch up within a month of the cut.

$35 · 30 minutes

Wash with Set On Your Head

If you would like your wig set on your head, please schedule this. Please drop off three days before your pickup date $45 with CC, $40 cash.

$45 · 15 minutes

Rush Wash and Set (Overnight) Pick Up

If you need your wash and set done overnight, please drop it off by 1 p.m. the day before you need it back. It can be ready for you by 11 am the next business day.

$40 · 10 minutes