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Haircut + Hot Towel Beard Service

Detailed haircut of choice + full hot towel beard service (straight razor shave or line up and beard trim)

$55 ยท 1 hour 30 minutes

Beard Trim

Quick beard trim + light straight razor edge-up (if applicable)

$15 ยท 25 minutes

All Inclusive VIP Service

The VIP Service includes the best of everything we have to offer: Full, detailed, haircut of choice; Beard trim and hot towel shave/line up; Last but not least, a full facial treatment to make you feel completely relaxed and refreshed. (Cleanser, exfoliant, facial massage, black charcoal peel off mask, toner and moisturizer)

$65 ยท 1 hour 45 minutes

Haircut Only

Full detailed haircut of your choice. (Beard not included. Please refer to other services for add-ons to account for additional time needed.)

$30 ยท 1 hour


Cody Henson