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Neuromodulator for hyperhidrosis (Nuceiva)

Used to help reduce excessive sweating. Results typically last 3-6months

$600 · 1 hour

Lip Filler (using Teosyal RHA hyaluronic acid)

Lip augmentation aimed at increasing lip fullness, restore volume loss and reduce fine lines around the mouth.

$495 · 1 hour

Mini Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation aimed at giving you a little more volume. and reduce fine lines around the mouth. More subtle, natural lip enhancement using 0.5ml of hyaluronic acid

$365 · 1 hour

Masseter reduction

This type of treatment can change the shape of your face (facial slimming, contouring a square jaw) and manage facial pain. Can be used to alleviate tension headaches, jaw tension/clenching, TMJ and teeth grinding.

$400 · 1 hour

Lip Flip

Using neuromodulators to give the effect of a subtle fuller upper lip without using hyaluronic acid. Just a few units placed on the muscle of the upper lip to relax and "flip" the lip giving it an appearance of increased fullness with keeping a natural-appearing upper lip.

$110 · 1 hour

Wrinkle relaxer/neuromodulator (e.g. Botox, Nuceiva)

Used to treat and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Typical areas to treat are forehead lines(frontalis), frown(glabellar region), crow’s feet(wrinkles around the eyes), bunny lines(wrinkles around the nose), masseter muscle(used to help alleviate jaw clenching, teeth grinding, TMJ pain), chin, DAO, lip flip and armpits(to help reduce excessive sweating). Results typically last 3-6months. - 9/unit

Price Varies · 1 hour

Dermal filler (using Teosyal RHA hyaluronic acid filler)

Used to help improve volume loss and smooth out moderate to severe wrinkles in your face. Using Health Canada Approved Teosyal RHA fillers. It is a great way to help restore and supplement your skin’s natural collagen loss. Typical areas to treat are cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, chin and jawline contouring. Results typically last 6-9months(but can last up to 2 years)- 495/syringe

Price Varies $495 · 1 hour


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