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This is our most popular service. We blend the best bike fit technology with a detailed bike fitters eye to put you in the best place in space on your existing bike. Includes:10-15min interview process to learn more about you and your needs, Biomechanical analysis of your body on and off the bike, Cycling-specific flexibility/functional strength assessment, Dynamic data capture of 3D full body movements to determine optimal position, Comprehensive digital reports of 3D and 2D body parameters, 3D bicycle fit coordinates, and bike frame geometry ** Call to book a consecutive 2 BIKE appointment ($500)** Each fit with Full Cycle/Colorado Multisport is guaranteed. If you are experiencing problems with your fit, "2D FIT REVIEW and CONSULTATION" appointments made with the same fitter within 30 days of original fit appointment will be free of charge. **Reduced Rate of 50% with FC/CMS Bike Purchase - charged at time of service.

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Bike Setup to Retul Fit Measurements using the Zin Tool

If you want to set up a new bike or existing bike to either your fit numbers on file or from another Retul fit you had elsewhere. We will use the Zin tool to measure your new bike and dial it in to your existing fit info with you there. *Extra parts not included.

$85 · 45 minutes

PERFORMANCE PACKAGE (Comprehensive fit & Sweat Test) - 1 BIKE

Combining our two most popular services at a reduced rate for those athletes looking to maximize their performance. The appointment will start with our Comprehensive Retul Fit and be followed up by a sweat composition test. Please plan on a minimum of 3 hours for this appointment.

$500 · 3 hours 30 minutes


This services focus on the basics of shoe/cleat placement, saddle selection, saddle fore/aft/height, and front end stem adjustment to optimize rider position along with troubleshooting specific rider symptoms. Our Professional Fitters will utilize the basics of the Comprehensive 3D Fit without the biomechanical or Retul motion analysis and reporting. **FREE with new FC/CMS bike purchase above $3K or 50% off under $3K**

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Triathletes and road racers competing in tris or time-trials want to be as efficient and aero as possible, but don’t always desire having a second bike. Some athletes only do a couple races a year and don’t need a second bike, some just want to make sure they like the sport first, and others are saving up the money to purchase the tri bike they really want in the future. This service is for those who have a road bike and want to add on aerobars for triathlons or time trials without investing into a second bike.

$275 · 2 hours


Using the Retul Muve "fitbike", paired with the sophisticated Retul 3D Motion Capture System, this fit allows us to adjust your body in space to your ideal position while keeping your goals and needs in mind. We can use the data from your fit coordinates on the Muve to evaluate which bikes on the market fit you best, and with what equipment. We may also use this service to determine how close your existing bike fits, and we can translate the numbers over to your existing bike. This is a great way to make sure your existing equipment or future purchase is not limiting your performance. When you have purchased your new bike, a follow up appointment is included to confirm the position **A $200 credit is issued with a new bike purchase within 30 days of this fit**

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Bodies are complicated and its hard to nail all the details without the rider testing the position under real world conditions. This appointment is included at no charge to clients who have previously had a "Comprehensive 3D Retul Fit" within the last 30 days, We can continue to refine the initial fit to optimize the rider. 2D or 3D motion capture may or may not be used. **For Follow-Up appointments after 30 days, please schedule the appropriate "Fit Review and Consultation" fit option.**

Free · 1 hour

JUNIOR BIKE FIT (18 and under) - 1 BIKE

Bike fitting at the junior level is instrumental in creating valuable muscle memory while achieving a safe position for the long-term health of young riders. During any youth session, we spend time teaching proper cycling behavior to insure proper mechanics are being learned early.

$95 · 1 hour 30 minutes


One of the most common conversations we come across here at Full Cycle and Colorado Multisport, is "how much sodium should I be consuming when I work out?" With this unique service, we can finally answer this question intelligently for our clients. Amazingly, this simple test is conveniently done without exercising, therefore, you don't even need to break a sweat (pun intended)! The actual test takes about 20-30 min and is followed up with about 30 min of consultation time to help you fine tune your pre/during/post nutritional sodium needs. Unlock your full potential!

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Zin Bike Measurement

Feel your fit is dialed and want to accurately measure your bike. Maybe you need to measurements to send ahead for a bike rental. Or you want the numbers to determine how a new bike will fit. This is the service for you. Also a great add-on to a 2D Fit Review and Consult. We use our Retul technology to capture your bikes measurements to the mm.

$30 · 30 minutes

Dina Griffin MS, RDN, CSSD

As a Registered Dietitian and athlete, Dina understands the many challenges that athletes encounter, and will work with you to overcome obstacles, optimize all aspects of your hydration, and meet or exceed your goals in a realistic and healthful manner.


Jaime is originally from Gettysburg, PA via New York City. She almost became a politician, but later decided she'd rather ride bikes in Colorado. Likes: Pina Coladas and walks in the rain. Her favorite place to ride a bike is Boulder County USA. Dislikes: None Bikes: Liv Avail, Ibis Ripmo AF, Ibis Hakka, an old Italian steel road bike, and a steel 29er mountain bike.

Ryan Ignatz

Ryan holds many fitting certifications that he uses on a full spectrum of riders. Additionally, Ryan has instructed bike fitters of all levels at Retul in Boulder and balances out his bike fit knowledge from his past teaching Anatomy and Physiology at CU.