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HOUSE CALL *zip codes 15206, 15201, 15224, 15232, 15213, 15221, 15217, 15215

How it works: 1. Schedule your house call. 2. You will receive instructions the day before your scheduled Mending Mobile service date via e-mail. For pickups: 3. Leave your items in a bag with your name and brief description of what you'd like done at your front door/ porch/ stoop 10 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time. 4. We will e-mail with any follow-up questions and send you an invoice with the pricing of mending. 5. Your order will be ready in 14 days upon payment. (ie, if you pay your invoice 3 days after we send it to you, your order will be ready 17 days after the invoice is sent). For dropoffs: 3. Please note any special instructions in your notes when making the appointment. We will leave your items in a bag at your front door. *Combination Dropoff + Pickup orders will be charged the $10 dropoff fee. We appreciate your support! Let us know if you have any questions!

3 Options


Fixing holes, re-attaching buttons, sewing something back together, putting a patch on something, coving up a stain, adding a strap to a bag, etc. *sorry, we do not repair/ replace zippers at this time!

15 minutes

DROP OFF AT STUDIO- Alterations/ Tailoring

Hems, Taking in at waist, Letting out at waist, Tapering pants, Shortening sleeves, Lengthening areas, etc. If you want to change how something fits, choose this option!

15 minutes

DROP OFF AT STUDIO- Combo Alterations/ Tailoring + Mending

Choose this option if you have multiple items, some of which need alterations, some of which need mending. Or you may have one item that needs both an alteration and some mending.

25 minutes

PICKUP AT STUDIO- Your order is ready!

If you received an e-mail from us that says your order is ready to go, choose this option!

5 minutes


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