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$20 $20 · 5 minutes

1 Hour Session

This is if you only need 1 hour of just recording

$55 $55 · 1 hour

2 Hours Session

2 hours max of just recording if need extra time you can add more when you are at the studio. Same price per hour is $45

$90 $90 · 2 hours

2 hours challenge

This is where you test your speed in recording so the engineer can mix and master your song/s you do within the 2 hours only if you can record fast enough. Remember this is only 2 hours within your time frame.

125 $125 · 2 hours

Free Mixing & Mastering?

this is only when you book 4 or more hours! If need more time you can either pay the extra time with engineer and or he can explain how else to pay.

$180 $200 · 4 hours


You will get your song fully mixed. Please send your stems to after we receive your payment.

125 $125 · 5 minutes

Master Your Song

You will get your song fully mastered. Please send all your MP3's to

$55 · 30 minutes


Elmar Velasquez