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Currently accepting Appt in Palm Beach, Miami, Kissimmee (near Orlando), Sarasota & NYC. Text to request Appt w/ your address or zip code so I can contact you once in your area.

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Select location, service duration, again your location, a date & time then add your address. Please precise in Appt. note which service(s) you'd like (massage, cupping, stretching, kinesiology...) & if any equipment is needed e.g. massage table... FYI I usually practice in NYC presently in FL accepting Appt. from Miami to Orlando and/or Sarasota. Text to request service in other areas and will let you once in your area.

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Choose service duration (1st kinesiology session usually last about 2hrs), confirm either location (for online Appt.) and precise in Appt. note which service(s) you'd like: KINESIOLOGY; Address priorities either they are, structural, emotional, biochemical (nutritional), genetic... Could include EMDR, Brain-Gym, Postural-Gait Assessment(s), Allergies/Food Sensitivities, Family Constellation & everything below. KINESIOLOGY/HEALTH COACH TUTORING-COACHING-CONSULTING, STRETCHING, ONLINE PILATE ANTI-GRAVITY FITNESS...

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