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Free · 10 minutes

Family Decompression

Family time focused on your family's well-being. We portion your time around the wishes and needs of your family. Select how to shape your sessions from massage, bodywork (clothed), and movement therapy. Adults commonly get longer massages than children. Kids receive massage appropriate to their age and maturity, as do the parents. Pediatric massage is provided under parental supervision. - $150 per hour ($75 x 2 therapists) @ 2 -hour minimum Example: Family of four - 3 hours: Parent 1 - up to 80 minutes of massage Parent 2 - up to 80 minutes of massage Two kids - up to 25 minutes each

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Massage Party

Get a few of your friends together for some much-needed recovery time. Create the experience you want. We've worked with professional & Olympic athletes. The luxury resort spa setting & service is in our DNA. Girls night - wine is welcome (in moderation). Guys night - Get more out of your backswing or less pain heading to the job site. Friends night - Spend some time together in the space of less stress and simple smiles.

2 Options

Couples Massage

Like the massage party, but only you and your partner. We arrive and deliver professional-grade massage and bodywork, then leave. All you have to do is decide what's for dinner. 2 concurrent - 90 minute sessions (does not have to be in the same room)

$375 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Hybrid Health

These educational offerings are customized to help you with your wellness goals. Hybrid Health is part massage part classroom. Let us introduce you to your body through the lens of touch, movement, healing, and learning. Stress impacts everyone differently but uses a common language, and we are fluent in that language. Tele-health and/or In-Person (in certain areas)

$80 · 1 hour


3 hours of dedicated time focusing on the knowledge, skills, and abilities you wish to develop. This is for massage professionals, yoga or movement teachers, or anyone wanting to learn. CE credits are available upon request.

$250 · 3 hours

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