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New to the salon or wanting to get a transformation? Let's start with a thorough consultation. During this time we will go over short and long term goals for you hair and look as well as discuss the pricing and timing it will take to create your new style.

$50 · 30 minutes

New Guest Curl Experience

** If you are a new client and would like a full experience please request the New Guest Curly Experience. A consultation will be required to confirm the appointment and make sure I have the proper timing to meet your needs for your curls.

$175 and up $175 · 2 hours

Curly Cuts

Book this service if you have curly hair and would like to get a dry curly cut only. This service is performed on naturally curly hair that is 100% dry. If the hair is wet it can affect the outcome of your cut. Please make sure to come with your hair styled and easy to manipulate. Products in the hair are ok. ** If you are a lifetime curly client and would like a full experience please request The Full Experience.

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Shampoo, Cut and Roundbrush

$150 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Dry Haircut (Only)

No Shampoo or Style with this service. We ask that you come already shampooed, dried, and preferably straight.

$70 · 45 minutes

Fringe Cut

Book this when you need an express maintenance on your fringe. This is perfect for you to book when you need JUST YOUR BANGS reshaped or shortened. This service is cut on clean and dry hair and can be done on all textures of hair. No shampoo or styling comes with this service.

$25 · 20 minutes

Color Transformation

Book this service if you ever have had color in your hair and want to change to something different. This could be going from darker color treated hair to lighter color treated hair or the reverse. This could also be choosing to go from a natural color to a more vibrant or trendy fashion shade.

Price varies. Consultation and deposit required to book · 5 hours

Bright and Lighter

Book this package if you are already blonde and want to go blonder with highlights in foils or hand painted in your hair. This service does NOT include you roots being covered. This service does include a cut and style. ** Please book the Brighter and Lighter+ if you have extra length (past your shoulders) or very thick hair.

2 Options

Silver Foxes

Book this package if your roots have more than a few (or a lot) of gray strands that you would like to cover or blend with one solid color. I will match your current color without using any foil or lightening services. This service includes a cut and style. ** Please book The Silver Fox + if you have more than 1inch of roots showing, extra thick or extra long hair.

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