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New Patient Pediatric Visit

For your little ones new patient, we will look together with you, the teeth and gums and the growth of the jaw. We will create a transparent, easy to understand, and sensible plan that tailors to your child's needs. This visit will include an exam, low-radiation x-rays diagnostically necessary, cleaning and fluoride treatment. When booking an appointment, it is best to reach out to the office if you have any insurance questions. We participate with select PPO plans.

30 minutes

Emergency Dental Visit

At PSPD, we can take a look and figure out how we can treat your Child's toothache or discomfort. We can treat broken teeth, deal with abscesses and a whole slew of things. We will need some imaging to problem solve though. Safety and comfort are two things we take very seriously. If your little one is suffering from severe pain please call our office right away, we are here for you 24/7. Consultations start at $100, treatment and needed treatment records will be extra. We participate with some PPO plans, it is best to reach out to the office if you have any insurance questions.

30 minutes

Mori Aletomeh

A Canadian, who calls Redondo Beach home, Dr Mori started as a Dietitian and then practiced as a General Dentist prior to specializing to work with children. She has trained at UBC (Vancouver Canada), UCLA and UoR for pediatric dentistry. In her spare time she loves to work out, hike, ski and of course travel abroad and explore the local restraints around LA.