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Pregnancy Tension Tamer

Pregnancy massage dedicated just for you, relax your mind and soothe away muscle soreness and tension in any areas that are causing you discomfort. Relaxation and Pregnancy specific therapeutic/remedial techniques employed to leave you feeling serene and supported. -Private Health Rebate available for this service * Please note, if you are considered a high risk pregnancy, please seek consent from your prenatal care provider before booking a pregnancy massage.

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Relax and Nourish

Completely unwind and release all tension, allow your body and mind to be deeply nourished, through the use of flowing, rhythmic relaxation massage techniques. Guaranteed to leave your mind and body in a state of pure tranquillity. Relaxation strokes solely utilised. - Private Health Rebates NOT available for this service

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Therapeutic Rebalance

Feel all the tension throughout your body and mind dissolve as areas of muscle soreness and discomfort are soothed away through relaxation and deep tissue remedial strokes. Walk out the door feeling relaxed, renewed and tension free. -Health rebates available for this service

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