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This type of massage is great for treating musculoskeletal pain, restore range of motion and prevent additional injury. It is a must for anyone that has chronic or acute discomfort associated with:

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Pregnancy massage is the massage of pregnant women (prenatal) and women after giving birth (postpartum). It address the special needs of pregnant women such as discomforts in the low back, feet, and legs. This form of massage usually consists mainly of Swedish Massage techniques that are modified slightly to take into account the common aches and pains of pregnancy. Positioning of the client is also modified as the pregnancy progresses and the abdomen enlarges.

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Sports Massage is the application of various massage techniques to enhance athletic performance. Sports massage is applied to athletes to help them train and perform free of pain and injuries. Massage therapists blend classic Swedish strokes with such methods as compression, pressure-point therapy, cross-fiber friction, joint mobilization, and stretching to meet the special needs of high-level performers and fitness enthusiasts. Sports Massage can reduce the risk of injury for an athlete, as well as accelerate the body’s natural restorative processes should injury occur

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One of the most commonly taught and well-known massage techniques, Generally this technique is considered a gentle, relaxing type of massage designed to energize the body by stimulating circulation. Five basic strokes, all flowing toward the heart, are used to manipulate the soft tissues of the body. The disrobed client is covered by a sheet, with only the area being worked on exposed. Therapists use a combination of kneading, rolling, vibrational, percussive, and tapping movements, with the application of lotion, to reduce friction on the skin. The many benefits of Swedish massage may include generalized relaxation, dissolution of scar tissue adhesions, and improved circulation, which may speed healing and reduce swelling from injury.

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Deep Tissue refers to a number of techniques that generally use greater pressure than Swedish Massage. Deeper techniques generally are focused on specific muscles and muscle tissue at different layers under the skin. While Deep Tissue is generally more aggressive in nature than Swedish, it is not necessary to use more pressure than my clients can comfortably tolerate. In addition, deep pressure applied gradually and smoothly is much less disconcerting than when applied abruptly. I always use technique designed to provide the maximum benefit with the maximum comfort. It helps with chronic muscular pain and injury rehabilitation and reduces inflammation-related pain caused by arthritis and tendinitis. It is generally integrated with other massage techniques

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