PLEASE READ. ONE TEST PER APPOINTMENT. Due to high demand for testing, our schedule is often fully booked. Additional appointments are released daily at 6:00am and scheduled 48 hrs. in advance. If are no available appointments, please check back tomorrow at 6:00am. As part of the affordable care act of 2010, we're unable to accept Medicare or Medicaid for any services. Thanks, and stay safe!

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Emergency Covid-19 Evaluation (Designed to detect the presence of Covid-19 and/or Covid-19 antibodies.)

*Please Read The Following As it Pertains To Your Scheduled Test* *Be advised that when factoring in check in time, time with staff and the physician, your visit will take longer than 15 minutes. Once your sample is collected, it takes about 15 minutes for results. *Please provide type of insurance in the notes section, if uninsured, type "self pay. *Please visit and click "check in" to finish registration.

$0 out of pocket cost through accepted commercial insurance. We are unable to accept Medicare or Medicaid for Covid-19 tests. Self pay options are as follows: Antigen test - $300. Antibody test - $200. Both tests together - $400. Please click "more info" before continuing. ยท 15 minutes

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