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Are you ready to gain clarity and accumulate tools to push forward in your purpose? There is a lot of information available, but you still need someone to walk you through everything. Book an appointment today to clear up the jungle of options, explain colors and fonts, for your branded future. We can see where you are, what you have, and how to get where you are going!

Price Varies $76 · 45 minutes

Basic Consultations

Some times you just have questions or need to talk things through! This consultation is designed to answer some basic questions in areas you feel you need help progressing forward be it spiritually or naturally.

Price Varies $47 · 45 minutes

Designer Consultation

Designer Consulting is only for graphic designer's who are starting a business or who want to re-brand their current business. This is a minimum two hour consultation where we will (re)define your brand, match your process to your vision, explore client retention strategies and optimize your online brand clarity.

Price Varies $150 · 2 hours