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Mindful Marketing Coaching

Self-select your tier. Payment plans are intended to make the cost more accessible. Mindful Marketing Coaching is designed to be part-coaching and part-strategy. Personalized to meet the exact needs for the early stage purposeful business. *For a full description on tiers please re-visit or email me at

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Twenty minute check-in sessions

If you signed up for Mindful Marketing Coaching or The Spiral Mastermind— you get 20-minute check-ins for free!

Free · 20 minutes

Consulting for Clarity

Whether you're just starting out your business, looking to re-book after working together, or need a one-hour thoughtful brainstorming session to gain a new perspective for your business — Brenda is here for you! Brenda provides strategic insight from years of experience as a marketer— both from running her own business and working in health-tech — as well as a mindful marketing coach to other wellness practitioners. Expect moments of mindfulness and ease from Brenda's background and passion of teaching yoga and meditation. 

Book a time that fits with your calendar. We'll follow-up with a Zoom link. Your card will be charged after our session. $175 · 1 hour

Brenda Umana