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FREE Consultations For Home Sellers

Please choose topics to start a discussion: 1. MARKET ANALYSIS/HOME VALUATION 2. PRE-LIST PREP: suggestions on decluttering, landscaping, painting, what to spend your money on, and what's not to spend your money on, frankly. 3. POST-LIST PREP: timings of showing, what to expect after your house is on the market. 4. SCREENING PROSPECTIVE BUYERS: we will pre-qualify them before they enter your house. 5. 3D MATTERPORT SERVICE: How to use the latest 3D technology to maximise the most qualified buyers and minimise days on market.

Free · 30 minutes

FREE Consultations for Home Buyers

Please choose topics to start a discussion: 1. THE MORTGAGE PROCESS: let me explain to you who gets the best mortgage rate, the difference between a pre-qualification & commitment letter. 2. GEOGRAPHIC AREAS TO INVEST 3. WHAT KIND OF HOUSE TO BUY: condo, single family house, or town house? 4. HOUSE INSPECTION RED FLAGS: sound structure versus cosmetic repairs, moist, termite, pipe leaking, electrical passing inspection 5. AFTER BINDING AGREEMENT PROCESS: house inspection, obtaining mortgage loan, negotiating price post inspection, negotiating close date, negotiating move date, when to do a utility transfer

Free · 30 minutes

FREE Consultations for Real Estate Agents

1. 3D MATTERPORT SERVICE 2. 3D DRONE VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICE 3. 3D DRONE MAPPING SERVICE We'll explain the cost, process, the turn around time, and the final delivery formats.

Free · 30 minutes

Booking 3D Matterport Photography Service

We will provide 3D photographs of your property. The cost is $0.10/sqft. Please put in the note the estimated square footage of the property. You don't have to be exact, a range will do.

2 hours

Booking Drone Video & Photography Service

3D VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHS of your property external.

$150 · 1 hour

Booking Drone Mapping Service

$300 · 1 hour


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