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We are here to answer all your medicare insurance-related questions, help you search for plans in your area if needed, and help you choose the best plan that meets your needs. If you already have a plan in mind, we will help answer any questions you have about that plan and help you enroll. As brokers, we represent your interest and can offer you multiple Medicare Advantage OR Supplement Plans to choose from. Book your appointment today and an Agent will be assigned to you immediately to help you through the entire process.

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We specialize in enrolling individual and employer groups into affordable healthcare plans on the marketplace. We know the requirements needed to grant individuals and employer groups the maximum help/tax credit needed to reduce your monthly insurance premium. We also offer different plans that are not on the marketplace. our goal is to help you shop for the best plan that you or your company can afford. We offer a do it yourself enrollment guide on the phone or at the Hiram GA Walmart location from Nov 1-Dec 15 every year. If you get stuck along the way, there will always be an Agent standing by to help you complete the enrollment.

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Thinking about a Medicare Supplement Plan? We can help. Some Medicare Supplement plans can give you peace of mind in knowing how much you are going to pay in the event of a major health crisis.

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Get all your insurance questions answered over the phone! Get a quote, enroll in a health plan, and purchase any insurance policy by talking to me, your assigned Licensed Insurance Representative over the phone. The service is free and you can get everything done at your own convenience.

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Has the thought of being able to cover bills, college expenses, and daily upkeep in the event of a loss or sickness crossed your mind? If so, you may be a good fit for life insurance. Life insurance can provide financial security when the breadwinner of the home passes and can no longer provide financially. But that's not all there is to life insurance. Some life insurance policies pay you lump sum money in the event of a critical illness such as cancer. Health insurance only pays the doctors and hospitals but a critical illness life insurance policy pays you directly and you use the money as you see fit. Now for those who want to benefit from a life insurance policy while still alive, we have a policy for you too. If you choose a $100,000 coverage for 20 years, and you outlive the 20 years, you will get all the money you've paid back. We also have life insurance and investment combined options. Call (888) 775-7171 Ext. 702 or book an appointment for an in-home appointment.

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Has your auto insurance rate increased? We can help! We work with over 90 different carriers who are ready to give you the best rate to win your business. These carriers are admitted and that means if they ever go bankrupt, there is a state fund they can withdraw from to pay claims. You can save thousands using us to shop for insurance. You can also go to our website and start the quote yourself. Call us if you have any questions.

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