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Custom Massage

50% off your first session with Jason. Customized massage utilizes swedish and deep tissue techniques to relax or correct chronic issues. The more tension or soreness you have the longer session you may want to get. Options will vary with each client, but a basic over view of sessions look like this: 30 minute session - focus area only 60 minute session - full body relaxation 90 minute session - full body with areas of deep focus 120 minute session - full body deep tissue

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Hot Stone Massage

50% off your first session with Jason! Hot stones are used during a session to gently heat the muscle tissues to get them to relax using less pressure. Great for clients who can't tolerate a deep tissue or cupping session. Very relaxing. 30 minute session - relaxation, focus area 60 minute session - quick full body session 90 minute session - Perfect full body session 120 minute session - full body ultimate relaxation

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Cupping Massage

50% off your first session with Jason! Cupping is a massage technique that utilizes a suction rather than pressure. Using cups and a vacuum trigger your skin, muscle, and other connective tissues are drawn up to help increase blood flow. I use a gliding motion with the cups to help strip the tissues of tension and toxins. This technique is more of a deep tissue technique and can leave you bruised and tender, but really helps loosen up tight areas. 30 minute - focus area only 60 minute - rushed full body or focus area 90 minute - full body with focus area 120 minutes - full body focus

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Pregnancy Massage

50% off your first session with Jason! Pregnancy massage is specialized for special needs of the pregnant clients. Pressure, heat, and positioning are all needed to be watched on pregnant clients to not cause complications. Even if you aren't showing your session is customized to take care of you and baby. 30 minute session can focus on an area where a 60 or 90 minute session can be used for full body. 90 minute session can only be done in the first trimester. So please note how far into the pregnancy you are when you book your appointment.

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50% off your first session with Jason! Reflexology is a form of massage utilizing points of the hand and feet to stimulate body systems or areas of concern. Commonly used for helping pregnant people into labor, or encouraging digestive system to move properly, or just giving a boost of energy and well being. Reflexology can be quite relaxing but not focused on actual rubbing massage work people associate with massage. Short 15 or 30 minute sessions usually deal with either hands or feet. 45 and 60 minute sessions can incorporate both hands and feet. I specifically practice thai reflexology utilizing a thai stick to aid in my work.

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Energy healing to cleanse aura and energy field. And realign the Chakra system to facilitate smooth and consistent energy flow, promoting health and well being. 15 minutes - focused area of healing 30 minutes - full chakra cleanse and over all energy smoothing. Or extra focus on more than one area. 45 minutes - full body healing. A general full body well being session to clear anything I may find plus paying attention to areas of your concern. 60 minute - full body healing with most focus. Can be very relaxing and calming. Please message me in the booking notes so that I know what you'd like to focus on so that I can adjust time or contact you if needed before hand.

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