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Children's Earlobe Piercing

We offer earlobe piercings for children as young as 3 years old with an accompanying parent or legal guardian. Child's birth certificate or ID is required, please see our ID Policies for more information.

$50 · 45 minutes

Minors (Under 18) Navel, Facial, or Ear Piercing

We offer limited navel, facial, and ear piercings to customers younger than 18 years old after a brief consultation. A parent or Legal guardian must be present. Please visit our website for ID requirements.

4 Options

Curated Ear Piercings

Not sure which piercing to get or which piercings will look best on your ear? Book some time with a specialist that will show you the ideal placements, jewelry colors and sizes for a curated look. Price will vary depending on number of piercings, but consultations are always gratis!

Varies · 45 minutes

Adult Ear & Body Piercing

Book some time today to get the piercing of your dreams!* Want more than one? No problem! Additional piercing services are $10, or $25 for genital or surface piercing. *Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are not offering any under-the-mask piercings at this time.

6 Options

Check Up & Downsize

Did you get a piercing with us recently? Check-ups are an important part of the healing process. Book today to have the size adjusted, piercing looked at, and receive a verbal progress report of your still-healing piercing.

Free · 20 minutes


Have questions about a future or existing piercing? Book some time with us to answer any questions or concerns you have! We don’t charge to share information, consultations are always gratis.

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Jewelry Shopping

On the search for a new piece of jewelry? Book some time with us today to stop by and see our selection of hand-set and polished pieces, manufactured right here in California.

Free · 25 minutes


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