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1on1 Training

One-on-one exercise training.

1 hour

Duo Training

Training for you and a friend/spouse/family member.

1 hour

Virtual Exercise Consulting

Fitness in the midst of a pandemic is easier than you think! Josh will meet with you virtually to help devise a plan that fits your lifestyle, budget, and available space. From helping you figure out a workout program to helping you figure out what equipment you do and don't need to achieve your goals, Josh will work with you to figure out how to stay physically active throughout this trying time.

$30 · 30 minutes

Solo Gym Time

ONLY AVAILABLE to those paying for personal training or those who have proven to be fully self-sufficient.

1 hour

Initial Consultation & Assessment

Sit down with Josh for a full health history and goals discussion. Then, go through a full movement assessment to identify any and all weaknesses and dysfunction.

Free · 1 hour


Joshua Chen