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Select this option if you are a researcher/company needing to reserve a public terminal to conduct research.

Free · 1 hour

Civil Case Management Assistance

Select this option if you are: • Needing Case Management assistance • Filing Documents Please visit our website for information and fees: * Note: Our office does not provide documents or forms for filing. If you need these documents, please visit or for further assistance.

Free · 25 minutes


Select this option if you are: • Picking up copies for Civil or Family cases • Requiring clerk assistance to locate records • Wanting to reserve a public terminal for research * Note: There is a $5 fee for having clerks conduct a records search. Public terminal use is free. Method of Payment: Cash, Checks, Credit Cards or Legal Ease (no bills larger than $50.00)

Free · 25 minutes

Exhibits - Please email if you are needing an exhibit.

If you are needing to pick up copies of exhibits for check-out or review please email Method of payment: Cash, checks, credit cards or Legal ease (no bills larger than $50.00).

Free · 30 minutes


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