Dear valued customers, To remain in compliance with Saskatchewan Health guidelines we ask all clients to wear a mask and kindly use the available hand sanitizer. Our client area is sifficient for one client, if the area is occupied when you arrive, please walk your dog in the potty area until the space is available. We are doing our best to sanitize and keep our valued clients and our family healthy. Thanks, and stay safe!

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It is SO much easier for us to give you an idea about service time and cost once we’ve met your pup and you’ve had a chance to interview us too. Please come prepared with questions, you can even bring your current grooming tools and we can make suggestions based on your dog’s coat type. We look forward to meeting you! 😁

Free · 15 minutes

Groom/Bath 1 hour

Bath includes thorough de-shed, nail trim, and ear cleaning. For small dogs with longer coats, stray hair trimming is included. Breeds commonly bathed with this service, Jack Russel, small shedding breeds, regularly groomed Pomeranians.

4 Options

Groom/Bath 1.5 hour

Average groom time for small breed dog. A small dog full groom or large dog bath package service that takes 90 minutes to complete. Includes Nail trim and ear cleaning. Common breeds groomed with this service are Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier, and small mixed breeds.

4 Options

Groom/Bath 1.75

A groom for smaller pups with curly coats that take just a little longer than the 1.5 Hours. Breeds commonly groomed with this service, Brichon Frise and Miniature Poodle. Includes nail trim as well.

4 Options

Groom/Bath 2 hour

This service time works for either a thick-coated, small dog full groom such as a Bichon Frise or Cocker Spanial, or a longer-coated, large dog that needs extra time for drying and trimming such as a Golden Retriever. Includes nail trim and ear cleaning as well.

4 Options

Groom/Bath 2.5 hour

This service is generally a large dog with heavy, long coat that gets a full groom such as a doodle. Also for large shedding dogs with packed undercoat and matting. Includes nail trim and ear cleaning.

3 Options

Hand Strip Terrier Session

A groom session for traditionally hand-stripped terrier breeds to ensure they keep their crisp, wirey coat as well as maintain healthy skin. Hand-stripping removes dead, dirty top coat and carding removes loose, oily undercoat generally leaving the dog smelling cleaner without requiring a bath. However bathing can be discussed. Groom includes nail trim, ear cleaning, and clipper work or thinning to tidy feet and sensitive areas that can’t be hand-stripped.

$80 · 2 hours

Nail Trim

Nail trim as short as possible and file if dog will allow. Humans are required to wear masks until public health orders say otherwise. Thank you!

$10 · 15 minutes

Add Curbside Pickup

If you are unsure about visiting, we will gladly meet you at your vehicle to pick up your leashed dog.

Free · 10 minutes

Add Pickup/Delivery

Prearranged pickup for grooming appointment or delivery home after groom is complete.

2 Options

Add Early Drop-Off or Late Pickup

Pre-arranged early drop-off to late pick-up outside of regular business hours. We will ensure we are ready for your arrival and have a comfy space for your pup to wait.

$10 · 15 minutes

Add Stay-All-Day

Busy working or have a planned trip to the city? No problem. Add a Stay-All-Day Option and we will ensure your dog receives a fresh blanket to sleep on and trips to the bathroom. Fresh water will be provided. During Business Hours Only, subject to behaviour compliance.

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Loving your pet locally since 2009, Jacki is a certified groomer, accredited through Canadian Professional Pet Stylists, she enjoys continuing education and takes every opportunity to learn more and stay current. Jacki understands canine body language which helps immensely with difficult dogs who have had issues with other, hurried groomers. At Hairy Hobby, Jacki works on one dog start-to-finish, no rushed grooming. She hears from new clients regularly that her work is the best groom their dog has had. ❤️