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20-minute Consultation Call or Virtual Chat

Let’s begin with a 20-minute video consultation. We will discuss your goals and concerns for fitness and health and the best therapeutic/training approach. We'll discover if your needs and my skillset align. I’m here to guide and support your fitness journey! Virtual consultation options, Skype, GoogleMeet, or Zoom.

Free · 20 minutes

20-Minute Morning Breath Work & Mobility

Join me! Set the tone and energy for your day with mindful breath and movement. I will guide you through breathing exercises and tension-relieving stretches. This is great for "decluttering" the mind and helps us to tackle our priorities with fresh energy! Via Zoom; Mornings 7:40AM

$8 · 20 minutes

Virtual-Consultation PLUS Mini-Workout

Movement is Freedom. Learning to access your body's full capabilities is powerful. If you are ready to make fitness a lifestyle book this consultation Plus mini-workout. Get a taste of training for health and longevity with a 45-minute virtual consultation that will include a movement screen and assessment. We'll discuss your fitness priorities, goals, and why you seek to work with a trainer. From our discussion, I'll create a base workout. Get moving, get healthy with guidance and support! When do we begin?! The consultation lasts 20-minutes, the mini-workout lasts 25-minutes; All done on a digital platform.

$35 · 45 minutes

45-Minute Small Group Online Training

Grab a friend or two for a small group training session, a maximum of 3 people with similar goals and fitness levels. We'll begin with a free 20-minute consultation, where we'll pinpoint your fitness goals and finalize the details. The workout will include a warm-up, cardio/strength based on your fitness level & goals, cool-down. Great way to save, stay fit, and keep motivated! Sessions delivered Live via Zoom. Call me to set this up. 45minutes / $75 total

$75 · 45 minutes


Corina Miranda-Risnes