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General Msg Reading

This reading will bring you a message that Spirit would like you to know at this moment in time based off your current circumstances or situation.

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Spiritual Gifts Reading

Provides insight into your spiritual gifts, your dominant gifts, and how you are intended to use them in this life time.

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Msg From Your Angelic Guide

Meet the Angel assigned to assist you during this life time. This reading will reveal the name and tasks this Angel is meant to help you carry out as well as a personal message for you. Please submit your question(s) to

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Msg From Your Animal Guide

This reading will reveal the energy of the Animal Guide currently surrounding you and the message this guide has for you.

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Love Reading

This reading will take a look into your interpersonal and romantic relationships. The intent is to help you bring the best version of yourself to your relationships while remaining in alignment with that which serves the highest good of yourself and those you love.

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Soul Purpose Reading

This reading will look into your soul’s purpose and mission. This reading will help you to discover how your soul wishes to express itself and the gifts you’ve been given to do so effectively.

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Shadow Reading

Shadow Readings look into the darker aspects of yourself that are hidden yet are playing out in your reality without you being conscious of it. This reading will help you to discover any blockages or obstacles within your subconscious that you need to overcome to be the best version of yourself and/or shift your current reality.

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Vonta Moffett