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Energy Healing Session

35 or 55-minute session - Includes: Sound, Aroma Therapy, Guided Meditation, Chakra & Crystals

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Pet Energy Healing

Share healing with your pet!

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Children Healing Sessions

Everyone can benefit from Energy Healing!

$33 · 15 minutes

Angelic Healing Session

This session is connecting you with the Angelic Healing Energy of the Angels. Tibetan bells ring in this very unique and beautiful treatment. Includes: Aromatherapy

$77 · 50 minutes

Spiritual Coaching

4 sessions over 4 weeks for $88, or single 50 min for $33 For those who would like to discuss, understand, and heal on your spiritual journey. I am here to listen and help you become your greatest version. Namaste!

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Kansa Wand & Kersaradi Oil Facial Treatment

The synergy of combining the Kansa Wand and the Kersaradi oil is miraculous! The Kansa Wand has the ability to give a natural face lift as well as pull acidity from the skin (acne) Kersaradi oil reduces signs of aging, improves textures and helps with acne. Closing the treatment with an Energy healing!

$66 · 45 minutes

NW Blackberry Seed Oil & Rose Quartz Facial Treatment

Rose quartz stimulates blood circulation clearing away toxins and impurities. The blackberry oil is a rich source of vitamin C and E and it is very restorative, helping with fine lines and wrinkles. The Energy Treatment is the finishing touch!

$60 · 40 minutes

Personal Tarot/Oracle Readings

25-30 min – $44.00 15-20 min – $33.00 Reading can focus on love, career, health, or a combination. Please choose a preference. Contact us for the preferred way to receive your message.

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Debra Rashidi