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Full Service Wash

Full Service Wash includes our Platinum Exterior Wash (Undercarriage Wash, Grill and Tire Prep, Hand Sponge Bug Removal, Trifoam Detergent, Carnauba Wax, Power Dry, Wipe Down, Rim Clean, and Tire Shine), Interior vacuumed, door jams cleaned and wiped, interior wiped down with Meguiar's Citrus Pro Cleaner, and interior/exterior windows cleaned with Mequiar's Window Cleaner.

$25 · 1 hour

Meguiar's Leather Treatment

Meguiar's Leather Conditioner applied to all interior leather surfaces to clean, treat, and replenish leather.

$5 · 10 minutes

Trim Dressing

A dressing is applied to the exterior trim to restore shine and moisture to dried and faded surfaces.

$3 · 5 minutes

Tree Sap Removal

For excessive tree sap, we send the car through our touch free wash to remove the outer layer of sap. Then we send it through our friction wash and hand scrub all affected surfaces during the process. Window trim is hard scrubbed to remove build up. Then the car is double wiped to remove any left over sap.

$5 · 30 minutes


Jim Bates