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Technology Coach Initial Consultation

Book with Technology Coach now to have a technical consultation with one of our coaches. Your first hour is free so that we can learn more about you and your requirements. You should come to this meeting prepared with everything you have and need help with (such as your laptop you want us to fix, logins to your software services, logo files, graphic design, inspiration, etc). This will help us use the time best for you. If you need more help from us, you can always book in more time with Technology Coach as you go. We can help you resolve all your technical issues, both big and small.

Free · 1 hour

Pre-Paid Services

You have already paid for services/time with Technology Coach and would like to find a good time to meet with us to complete training, support, answer questions, etc. Note: If you have not already paid for your service, please select a different option.

Free · 1 hour


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