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Sotai & Shiatsu Therapy Session

A single full treatment session that integrates the Japanese manual therapy methods of Shiatsu, Sotai, Kenbiki Therapy. The focus of this treatment is to relieve abnormal tension and pain in the body, restore structural alignment, and teach people how take care of themselves between sessions. This involves passive pressure point therapy, assisted stretching, and active mobilization. These sessions include instruction in relevant restorative home exercises for self-care.

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Personal Mobility Training Session

This can be booked as a live or online coaching service. A one on one training session focused on developing mobility, functional movement, and physical competence through a wide range of practical skills and techniques depending on your specific needs and interests. This may involve Meridian Stretching, self-Shiatsu and Sotai exercise instruction if your intention is self-healing and postural alignment. Alternatively, it may be based on MovNat Natural Movement if your interest is practical fitness and the development of your physical competence.

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Alex Schenker is a Licensed Shiatsu Therapist, MovNat Natural Movement Master Trainer, FRC Mobility Specialist, and Bujinkan Shidoshi (Licensed Martial Arts Instructor) with almost 2 decades of ongoing training and experience. He is deeply devoted to both his professional practice and personal movement practice, striving to find more effective ways to help people live pain-free and change the way we think of movement.