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Movement Therapy Session

A single full treatment session that integrates Shiatsu, Sotai, Kenbiki Therapy, Natural Movement, and mobility training. This is not a passive massage, but involves active engagement from the participant, and includes instruction in restorative home exercises for self-care. *This service is available via home-visits, or at our facility* A typical session starts with a mobility evaluation of each joint in the body. The practitioner passively assesses the range of motion as the recipient is lying on a mat on the floor. The recipient will then be asked to do a few gentle movements, comparing the sensations of one side to the other. This initial evaluation gives the therapist a strong impression of where the patterns of abnormal tension extend. The practitioner then applies palpation (hand pressure) to the abdomen and back to assess the tension pattern in the spine and core. If necessary, the practitioner will then apply therapeutic palpation to any areas that need adjustment. At this point the rest of the session involves a more active involvement on the part of the recipient. The recipient will be guided through lying and seated movements that unwind specific patterns of tension with assistance from the practitioner. A few specific stretches and mobilizations are taught and the recipient is encouraged to record these with their camera as reference for home-practice. Key natural movement patterns are observed by the practitioner and inefficiencies are pointed out and corrected. The expectation is that the recipient will make the 5-6 techniques that they are taught a part of a 15-20 minute daily practice, and as their situation improves and changes, future sessions can reevaluate and recommend an updated routine that reflects their progress.

$88.50 · 1 hour

Personal Mobility Training Session

A single 30 minute Natural Movement training session focused on developing mobility, functional movement, and physical competence.

$44.25 · 30 minutes


Alex Schenker is a Licensed Shiatsu Therapist, MovNat Natural Movement Master Trainer, FRC Mobility Specialist, and Bujinkan Shidoshi (Licensed Martial Arts Instructor) with almost 2 decades of ongoing training and experience. He is deeply devoted to both his professional practice and personal movement practice, striving to find more effective ways to help people live pain-free and change the way we think of movement.