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In Person - INDOOR - Private Tai Chi Lesson

In person Private lessons INDOORS at Dao Life Wellness Center, in San Marco / St. Nicholas. Learn balance, gain strength, practice flexibility and heal from the inside, at the Dao Life private studio. Topics available for In Person - INDOOR Private Tai Chi: Dao Life Philosophy and Ba Qua Element Training Qigong Silk Reeling & Joint Warm Up Tai Chi Strength Training Cardio Circle Walking Instruction on the basic Dao Life Tai Chi Form Meditation instruction and practice

$78 · 55 minutes

Online - Private Tai Chi Lessons - Zoom / Facetime

Study Dao Life Tai Chi and Qigong Exercise from the safety and comfort of your home or office. Meeting with Senior Instructor, Beth Acampora, AP, in your private lessons over Zoom or Facetime you can start as a beginner, or if more advanced, you can brush up on some old Tai Chi skills you had previously. Good for balance, enhancing focus and gaining strength. Schedule here. If you are looking to deepen a current martial art or spiritual practice, IN PERSON coaching is recommended. Format: 5 Minute Whole Body Warm Up 5 Minute Standing Qigong Awakening Meditation 5 Minute Tai Chi Stance Strength Training 15 Minute Tai Chi Form Lesson and Practice

$54 · 30 minutes

Dao Life Qigong Certification - Level One - Beginner

Learn to become a certified Dao Life Qigong Instructor. Many westerners are learning about the many healing benefits of Qigong. (Chee Kung - meaning "skillful with energy") Traditional Chinese Medicine has passed down the knowledge & practice of energy based medicine for thousands of years. Many yoga teachers are adding Qigong to their classes. The richness, heritage, and depth of the true, historical Chinese practice of Qigong, where it originated, takes much longer than a weekend to learn. For more information call 904-396-3896 to see if learning to be a Qigong teacher is right for you. Senior instructor and acupuncture physician, Beth Acampora, has 30 year experience and has studied traditional Chinese Qigong with a lineage of authentic, world renown Qigong masters, direct from the source and covering all aspects of the art. Level One Certification for the Yellow Ox Style Qigong requires: 15 Hours of Private Instruction. Completion of Classwork in Philosophy, medical benefits Passing of Test on Philosophy and medical benefits Creation and approval of a 30 minute Yellow Ox Style Qigong Class 4 hours Internship teaching Yellow Ox Style to a small group. Total Cost: $1750 Payment plans available. This class counts towards required 15 hours of private instruction and the fee is deducted from your tuition. You will receive class code for the required online classwork after your first private lesson.

$100 · 1 hour

Beth Hopkins Acampora, AP

Our acupuncture physician has over 25 years experience. Expert care in a private setting. HIPAA compliant and privacy protected. Family prices.