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Skype Lesson

SKYPE LESSONS MUSIC PRODUCTION | ABLETON LIVE | SONGWRITING | VOCALS | GUITAR | PIANO/KEYBOARDS | DRUMS | BASS | LIVE PERFORMANCE AND LOOPING | MUSIC THEORY | BRANDING | SOCIAL MEDIA | BOOKING $45 (30 mins) $75 (1hr) I have been playing music and all instruments for over 20 years and I can give you lessons on what ever you prefer. Includes Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Bass, Music Theory,

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Music Production / Instrumentation

MUSIC PRODUCTION MIXING / MASTERING / INSTRUMENTATION / ABLETON LIVE 4 hrs $40 hr I have been producing music for over 20 years and I do remote mixing / mastering / beat creation / put any instrument on your song / back up vocals and harmonies. You send me the song via email and I will do what you request and send it back.

$40 hr (4 hrs) $160 · 4 hours

Solo Performance

$400 (3 hrs) I will bring my PA and full setup to play a 3 hour show on guitar and singing. I usually do 45 min sets with 15 minute breaks. Available for private events and weddings. Prices may vary depending on the event but most shows are $400 flat fee. Book through the link above.

$400 $400 · 3 hours

Songwriting Help 1 hr

STUCK ON A SONG? WE WILL REVIEW YOUR SONG OVER SKYPE AND BRAIN STORM IDEAS $160 hr + 15% royalties Are you creating and hit a road block or maybe you just need some quick ideas? This is one of my best attributes and I can help with lyrics, melodies, other instrumentation ideas, chords, song form and more! Let's make your song stand out!

$160 (1 hr) $160 · 1 hour


Jackie Hinson