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I Want to Make a Rental/Security Deposit Payment

Have a balance? Pay on your room rental today!

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Covenant Consultation

Need help with an Exterior Alteration Application? Have a concern in the neighborhood? Come on in to talk to our Covenant Advisor!

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Resale Packet Pick-Up/Drop-Off

All Resale Packets are $20. Can be paid via cash, check, money order, or card.

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Village Community Concerns

Have a concern? Talk with your Village Manager today!

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Notary Services

Need something notarized? Bring your photo ID and the unsigned document and we'll be happy to notarize it for you!

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Linen Rental

Need linens for your party? Book an appointment to see Mrs. Cathy today.

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Nomination Packet Pick-Up

Free · 10 minutes

I Want to Tour Kahler Hall

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Debbie N.

Covenant Advisor

Kathy M.

Facility Manager


Marlon J.

Assistant Facility Manager

Shelley Wilson


Shelley Wilson


Steve I.

Village Manager