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Express Facial

A 30 minute boost to fit any busy schedule! Tailored to your skins needs, this facial includes a cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, extractions (if needed), ice globes and spf/moisturizer finisher.

$55 · 30 minutes

Signature Facial

A results driven treatment to rejuvenate and address specific skin concerns. This facial includes a cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, extractions (if needed), nourishing & strengthening properties, mask application, ice globes, and spf/moisturizer finisher.

$75 · 1 hour

Dermaplaning Facial

Treatment that uses an exfoliating blade to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) from the face resulting in deeper product penetration, smoother texture and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

$80 · 1 hour

Eye Treatment

A facial specialized for the eye area. This treatment comes with a gentle cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, restorative mask with ice globes and a finishing eye serum.

$35 · 30 minutes

-10 Facial

A pro-youth driven treatment that will stimulate, repair and rejuvenate skin. Actives in this facial will boost collagen production, inter-communication between cells, and reduce the appearance of fine lines to give skin a luminous glow.

$85 · 1 hour

Acne Remedies

A corrective facial treatment focused on reducing bacteria and inflammation, increasing cellular turnover and kick starting the skins would healing process to reduce acne scarring and future blemishes.

$85 · 1 hour

Gua Sha Facial

A corrective facial infusing a Chinese massage technique where a jade stone is used to smooth and contour the neck, jaw and face. Aids in boosting collagen production, increasing blood flow, releasing tension in facial muscles and encouraging lymphatic drainage.

$95 · 1 hour 15 minutes

-10 Gua Sha Facial

-10 Facial paired with gua sha stone massage.

$105 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Progressive Peel

A mild peel removing only the outer layer of the stratum corneum with little to no visible peeling. Best described as a lifestyle peel with no down-time. Can be performed in a series of 3-6 peels, spaced 2-4 weeks apart. **I DO NOT PERFORM PEELS ON FIRST TIME CLIENTS**

$80 · 30 minutes

Mid-Depth Peel

Peel targeting the intra-epidermal layer of skin and may be administered every four to six weeks as needed. Light flaking may occur, similar to a sunburn peel. Mid-depth peels offer excellent rejuvenating effects with minimal down time. **I DO NOT PERFORM PEELS ON FIRST TIME CLIENTS**

$100 · 30 minutes

Brow Wax

$15 · 15 minutes

Lip wax

$10 · 15 minutes

Sideburn Wax

$15 · 15 minutes

Brow Tint

Tinting results in a fuller and more filled in brow. Results last 4-6 weeks.

$20 · 15 minutes

Lash Tint

Semi-permanently dying the lashes black. Results last 4-6 weeks.

$20 · 15 minutes


Kenneth Rice