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Vocal Coaching (Adults)

Mr. Zamar assists his vocal coaching clients with the overall improvement and strengthening of the following: ✓ Vocal - Technique, Tone, Breathing, Range ✓ Speech – Diction, Pronunciation ✓ Ear – Pitch, Harmony, Tone ✓ Vocal Health – Remedies, Diet [Additional Services]: ✓ Piano Basics ✓ Consultation ✓ Personal Projects (i.e. performances/auditions, etc.). [Disclosure]: • All sessions are 2 hours. Immediately following the first hour, there is a 20 minute break. Book with Mr. Zamar, today! 😊

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Studio (Music)

Mr. Zamar’s music studio gets the job done! Having a multi-talented and amazingly gifted team, intimate space, peaceful ambiance and (simple yet) intimate set-up (with live instruments), it is impossible not to bring the best out of each session. [Note: For additional vocal and/or musical needs, we use our 2nd studio location in Gardena, CA; our headquarters.] Mr. Zamar specializes in the following areas: • Production (vocal & musical) • Arrangement (vocal & musical) • Engineering (a.k.a. "mixing & mastering"; vocal & musical) • Live Instrumentation [Disclosure] • There is a 2 hour minimum booking limit. Book with Mr. Zamar, today! 😊

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Meeting & Consultation

Do you need someone to talk to? Advice, guidance, knowledge, wisdom? Wait no longer! 😉 Meet with Mr. Zamar or our team of visionaries and professionals, today (e.g. face-to-face, via conference call or video chat). They are ready, experienced, knowledgeable and certified to pour into you for anything pertaining to the following general topics: • Life & Wellness (e.g. diet, holistic remedies, weight loss, fitness, etc.) • Events (e.g. management, development, administration, etc.) • Talent (e.g. management, development, etc.) • Career (e.g. management, development, branding, marketing & promotions, etc.) • Business (e.g. policy & procedure, systems & operations, bookkeeping, investment, contracts & agreements, etc.) • Ministry (e.g. faith, motivation & encouragement, counseling & life coaching, etc.) [Disclosure] • There is a 2 hour minimum booking limit (for all discounted rates). Book with us, today! 😊

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