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Iridiology or iris eye reading helps us to discover inherent diseases. Also we can find out what internal organs ( thyroid, heart ,liver) are at risk. The sooner we discover st risk organs the better we can disease progression. Diseases prevent helps us to live a pain free life, and enjoy a longer and happier lifestyle. Book your iridiology appointment and discover what you need to do to live a longer quality life.

$60 · 30 minutes

Nutrition Assessment

$50 · 40 minutes

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a non-invasive way of increasing oxygen to the cells of your body. The more oxygen your cells will get, the better they can repair themselves.ozone therapy is away of healing your body to repair itself and heal in a natural way. Our ultimate health goal is diseases prevention and helping your body heal itself. Book it today !

$60 · 40 minutes


$50 · 30 minutes

Vitamin Deficiency Evaluation

$50 · 30 minutes

Toxins in Body Evaluation

$50 · 30 minutes

PH Evaluation and Food Guidance

$50 · 30 minutes

Thyroid Health Evaluation

Dr. Shari evaluate your thyroid function. Thyroid malfunction could lead to weight gain, lack of energy, sad emotions ... After evaluation is done , Dr. Shari guides you how to change your diet or use food and plants as your medicine to heal yourself over time. Try thyroid evaluation and transform your whole healt.

$50 · 30 minutes

Allergy Evaluation & Solutions

Allergy evaluation helps you to discover what you are allergic to! Why your body shows reaction to specific things! Dr. Shari helps you to heal your body so the allergic reactions will be gone. You feel better every day, all rashes and eczema will be gone over time. You don’t have to suffer allergy when Dr. Shari discovers the root causes of your allergic reaction and gives you non-toxic natural solutions. Book your appointment now and change your whole health forever. This will be a life hanging experience. Book it now !

$50 · 30 minutes

Gut Health solutions

Gut or Digestive health solutions are the best health changing solutions for you. You don’t have to suffer indigestion, bloating, gassiness. Dr. Shari gives you all natural non-toxic suctions after your health a evaluation is done. You feel comfort after eating, that heaviness will be gone, you can eat your favorite foods without worrying of gassiness or heaviness. Book with Dr. Shari and change your whole health In a Positive way.

$50 · 30 minutes

Whole health Assessment

Whole health assessment is an individualized whole health package in one session meet. It saves you time and money so you don’t have to visit several times for various health evaluation. It is one stop , one whole health evaluation package to discover the root causes of your pain and inflammation. We heal your body from the tm roots to the top! This whole health evaluation package evaluates your physical,mental, and emotional health as well. As you know, your emotional body has influenced on your mental and physical health. This package includes iridiology, nutrition assessment , toxin accumulation, vitamin deficiency , hormonal imbalance, heart, thyroid and liver health. It takes about two hours to do the whole health evaluation. This package is one of the best to help you find out the root causes of your pain and inflammation. If you have been struggling with chronic health issues and you are tired of toxic treatments, this is the best package that we recommend it to you. Dr. Shari discovers the roots cause of your chronic health issues then she gives you all the natural health solutions to detox yourself, revitalize and help your body repair itself. Act today, tomorrow will be late! Book this package now and invest your future health and happiness. Magic happens here.

$100 · 55 minutes

Results and Health solutions

Whole health result is the best effective session of all! After your whole health evaluation is done, doctor Shari takes her time to evaluate your customized health assessments. She will find out the root causes and all the best solutions specific for you. Everybody is different so the health solutions will be customized only for you. I this session doctor Shari shares her discoveries according to your irdiology results, toxin accumulation and vitamin deficiencies, nutrition and emotional health. Then, she will guide you what to change to feel better not only in present moment but also in future. Dr Shari leads and supports you to whole health transformation and a positive change in your lifestyle . If you practice what she teaches you, it will be a life changing experience. Invest in your natural health today, so you will not regret it in future. Book it now!

$150 · 55 minutes

Pain Releif in a holistic way

Pain releif in a holistic way is one your best health care choices. Why ? Dr. Shari discovers the underlying causes of pain in your body . Pain is a signal that our body’s wisdom sends to us. Dr. Shari beloved we need to pay attention to the pain. Pain is warning to pay attention. Once we find out the root causes of pain, we can try holistic health solutions to help body recover and repair itself. Choose holistic and natural for your pain releif . Let Dr. Guide you through your natural health journey fir pain releif.

$50 · 40 minutes

Weight loss program

Weigh loss is a solution to lots of health problems. If you suffer pain and you inflammation, high cholesterol, high blood sugar , you can solve most of these health issue with weigh lose . It is important what kind of weight lose program you choose. correct natural solutions to loose weight are the best to detox your body and reduce inflammation and pain while losing weight. Dr. Shari help you through the natural health journey. Ask her how ! Book now .

$99 · 55 minutes

Brain and memory

Are you struggling with memory loss ?Would you like checking your Brain health to prevent future memory loss diseases? Dr. Shari helps you with brain health evaluation to discover what you need the most , is it related to your nutrient deficiency or heredity in family or hormonal imbalance or,... once the underlying causes is discovered , she will give to the best natural health solution to maintain your brain health and even improve it over time . You don’t have to different degeneration and chronic diseases. Act now and book a check up. Tomorrow will be late .

$50 · 40 minutes

Health maintenance

Health maintenance is important if you are healthy and happy in present moment. You have to maintain and promote what you have now otherwise we loose it over time. If we do not pay attention to maintain what we have in present moment, it is more possIble to loose it over time. Stay in a right track and follow it up in a support group with doctor Shari. Book it now and see what plan would be the best matching for your specific situation to maintain and promote your healthy lifestyle.

$60 · 30 minutes

Bemers for circulation

Bemer’s is a scientific healing service to improve circulation throughout your whole body. Bemer’s improves circulation from the tip of toes to the crown of head. It reduces inflammation in the body and prevents stagnation in each tissue . It is effective when you apply it regularly. Rhodes who have arthritis and torn tendons have tried the Bemer’s and are happy with results . Try it for yourself and see how it works on you .

$30 · 30 minutes

Book a workshop

Are you healthy and have questions about health and wellness ? Do you like learning how to maintain your whole health and improve your family’s well being ? This holistic health workshop with Dr. Shari gives you all the solutions. You can learn tips and secrets of health and happiness . This knowledge is your best investment that you could ever imagine . Book an online workshop session with Dr. Shari and change your life . It is worthy to try, book it now!

$10 · 40 minutes

Free yoga class on facebook group

Join Dr. Shari’s Free online Group yoga class on face book. The 8 weeks yoga class starts Thursday, Jan 7th at 7pm. Here is the procedure to join: First, you need to join Dr. Shari ‘s face book group that is “ Natural Health and Yoga”. Next, you can join the free yoga class, online in Dr. Shari’s Facebook group , every Thursday at 7pm. This offer will not last too long , act now and experience the joy of healing yoga practice along with relaxation and a brief mediation with Dr. Shari at 7pm.

Free · 1 hour 10 minutes

Accupressure for Headache

Are you struggling with headache ? Do you like trying a non-invasive and natural method to get releif from headache ? Have you tried acupressure massage ? Try and acupressure massage and enjoy the peace and serenity afterward. Help yourself, your body needs attention. Book it now!

$60 · 40 minutes

6 Months upfront Whole Health Package with Full support

This holistic health package of 6 months of at least 8 sessions. This is one of the amazing packages that you can feel the positive transformation in you health and happiness. In fact, this package includes all the health evaluations and whole health analysis along with the results sessions. The results session are the most important sessions that Dr. Shari discover what you need to work on, what are your health needs and pain points, what we need to plan for, what we need to plan. Our goal is ultimate health and happiness. These session are all customized for your own needs to feel the best results. Dr. Shari helps your body to heal from roots to the top.we work with commitment and consistency while helping your body to repair and establish whole health rejuvenation over time. The loger we are committed to , the beyter results we can feel .

$1,200 · 1 hour 30 minutes

12 Months upfront whole Health Packagr

This holistic health package of 12 months of at least 11 sessions. This is our best amazing package that you can feel the positive transformation in you health and happiness. In fact, this package includes all the health evaluations and whole health analysis along with the results sessions. The results session are the most important sessions that Dr. Shari discovers what you need to work on, what are your health needs and pain points, what we need to plan for, what we need to plan. One of the best advantages of this packaged is that you have full support for your own commitment. You are commitee while will be supported by Dr. Shari to practice what she teaches. The best outcomes come to you when you practice what you learn over tome. Our goal is ultimate health and happiness. These session are all customized for your own needs to feel the best results. Dr. Shari helps your body to heal from roots to the top.we work with commitment and consistency while helping your body to repair and establish whole health rejuvenation over time. The loger we are committed to , the beyter results we can feel .

9495002984 $1,600 · 1 hour 55 minutes

6 months financing Holistic Health Contract

If you are committed in helping your body heal itself, this six months package includes most of the effective natural health solutions. In fact, you will be able to reestablish, maintain and promote your beauty, health, and happiness. Dr Shari will support you through the whole process of better health journey. You will not only enjoy your choice of natural health journey, but also have a positive hope for a healthier and happier future. Why! You are helping your body heal itself, you will stay in harmony with nature and it’s reward will be stronger body, sharp memory to work more effective and build a brighter future for yourself and your family . Act today invest in your health ! This financing is for monthly charge of 200$ .We want to keep it affordable so everybody can taste the healing benefits of natural health journey .

$200 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Allergy Releif package

Are you struggling with allergies? Has your allergic reaction come back? Is rashes or itchiness bothering you a lot ? Why don’t you try natural healing solutions to get allergy releif forever? Let Dr. Shari discover the root causes of your allergy problem . She will help you to get rid of most of your allergies if you follow her direction consistently. You feel releif and you will heal yourself from inside out. Invest in your health , don’t let your allergy become get worse over time while Dr. Shari Can Help you recover. Book it now, it’s worthy to try!

$99.99 · 55 minutes

Phone consultation( 2 sessions) , Whole health history and soltions

Phone consultation is one of the ways to help clients who live far way or even out of state of california. Dr. Shari believes you don’t have to suffer illnesses because you don’t have access to great resources and professionals in the area! That is why Dr. Shari offers phone consultation to help clients everywhere they are ! This phone consultation package includes two sessions; You pay once but you get two phone consultation sessions . If you need extra, you can book later. Actually, you will schedule a phone call and express your medical history and your problems and needs . Although physical evaluation is not possible over the phone, expressing medical history is something to help Dr. Shari to discover what natural health solutions she has for you. According to evaluation of your specific health condition, Dr. Shari schedules another session to give you the solution to the problems. She teaches you what to do, she will suggest what you need to take, what you need to change, what kind of holistic health service works the best for you according to your specific health condition. You will get all the solutions in one place! isn’t it great? Dr. Shari’s solutions are all inclusive and she considers not only your physical healthbut also mental and emotional health. Act now ! tomorrow will be late. Book a call with Dr. Shari and achieve your ultimatehealth and happiness.

$150 · 55 minutes

Package Long Distance Phone Consultation

Package Long distance phone consultation is one of our innovative natural health services to help those who live in long distance. Those prospective who live out of state and can not visit the doctor in Orange County Ca can choose this option. This package includes six (6) months support of holistic health until it become your habitat healthy lifestyle. This package includes 6 sessions(one session of phone consultation a month for six months) . We are thinking of you ! Even though you do not live in California, you can get guidance from Dr. Shari’s Phone consultation. Although this service is not as perfect as meeting the client face to face, it is something to help clients who live far away but still need the guidance of Dr. Shari ‘s healing. The first session is the evaluation session on the phone that you will answer afee health related questions . Next session, will be the result Session that Dr. Shari give you guidance to see what modalities to use in order to restore, maintain and promote your whole health . Since consistency in practice matters , the follow up sessions will be once a month phone call to see how is your progress an. Dr. Shari will answer all of your question in your natural health journey . She will support you to reach your health goals. Our common goal is achieving your ultimate health and happiness.

$360 · 45 minutes

Quantom Health Evaluation

Quantum health evaluation helps you to know what vitamin and mineral deficiency you may have. What toxins are accumulated in your body. What kind of detoxification works the best for you to feel the positive results. Quantum evaluation guides you with how revitalize your body, feel re-energize, do internal cleansing.

$60 · 40 minutes

30 min phone consultation, tips of health

Do you like to learn tips and tricks from a natural health expert ? Do you believe in natural solutions to improve your health? Are you intersted in holistic health approach to resolve anxiety and fear? Book a phone consultation with Dr. Shari who is an expert in natural and holistic health field for more than 15 years. Let her help and guide you to practical solutions and solve problems . This offer is limited at this price. Book it now! tomorrow might not be available.

$25 · 30 minutes

3 months whole health solutions, pay upfront

Are you suffering pain ? Do you like finding natural health solution to your health problems ? Do you have gut health issues and prefer natural solutions ? Start a three months program with Dr. Shari and discover how your can heal yourself. You don’t have to affect pain and inflammation while Dr. Shari has the natural solutions for you . Book a three months consultation with Dr. Shari and transform your whole health. You will be energized not only physically but also you feel happier and stronger emotionally. Your mental power improves and your memory to work leads you to more money . Don’t miss this opportunity , this offer will not last long . Book it for yourself today.

$600 · 55 minutes


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