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LIVE Reading

For those who wish to have a more personal experience, the LIVE option is for you! This can be done via Google Meet. You’ll receive the link before appointment time.

$111 · 45 minutes

30 Minute Spiritual Coaching

This option can be purchased separately or as an add-on to a booked reading. NO TAROT CARDS ARE USED FOR THIS OPTION. This is for those who require additional guidance and or advice. Coaching is typically via text (so you can go back and review the information repeatedly). But we can also schedule a live call.

$55.55 · 30 minutes

Emergency Reading

The emergency reading option is for those who are in need of immediate guidance or assistance. Emergency readings are turned around within 8-12 hours of payment.

$150 · 45 minutes

20 Minute RETURNING Client - VIDEO

*RETURNING CLIENTS ONLY* This is a video recorded reading. Your reading will be performed and delivered by 9pm PST the day of your appointment. This is for the purpose of checking in to see what progress has been made since the previous reading was performed and make a new game plan for the weeks ahead.

$44.44 · 20 minutes

Mentorship Program

Mentorship includes (2) 1-hour LIVE one-on-one sessions and (2) 20 minute follow-up conversations via text or video chat. We will identify the areas of your life that require special attention and come up with an action plan to implement new concepts into practice. We will meet once a week to address any struggle areas and modify the plan accordingly.

$222.22 · 2 hours 40 minutes

30 Minute General Reading - VIDEO

Do you have SEVERAL issues that you’re trying to overcome? Let’s take a deeper look into your situation! We look at whatever energy is closest to you and how it’s affecting forward movement. We’ll discuss blockages, what needs to be released and what’s coming up ahead.

$66.55 · 30 minutes

15 Minute CAREER Reading - VIDEO

Do you need direction? Are you unsure about your job prospects or career path? Let’s take a look at your options!

$35.55 · 15 minutes

15 Minute LOVE Reading - VIDEO

Is there new love coming in? Is there an ex-lover who’s coming back? Have you hit roadblocks in your relationship? What area of your love life would you like to focus on?

$35.55 · 15 minutes

15 Minute FRENEMY Reading - VIDEO

In this reading we’ll explore what your enemies think of you, what they’re trying to do to you, why they’re targeting you, their karma and advice on how to protect yourself.

$35.55 · 15 minutes

5-8 Minute MINI Reading - VIDEO

Is someone new coming into your life? Should you take that job? Is it a good idea to move now? Ask ONE simple question in the comments section.

$22.22 · 10 minutes

6 Month Preview Reading - VIDEO

Do you want to know what to expect for the next YEAR (6 months)? We’ll look at the theme of each month, the lessons that are being integrated, hurdles to overcome, whatever blockages may occur and advice for forward movement.

$88.88 · 45 minutes


Tamra LeBlanc