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Full Set-Lash Extensions

Full set of classic, volume/hybrid or mega volume lash extensions. Please visit my website to learn the difference between the options to find which is best suited for you! I book about a month in advance so if your schedule is tight I suggest scheduling your first fill appt 2-3 weeks after your full set in order to ensure you are in.

4 Options

Lash Fill-Choose One

Fills over other artists work may be different pricing. Fills are 2-3 weeks. Longer than 3 weeks will be charged more and longer than 4 weeks is considered a full set.

4 Options

Lash Lift and Tint

lash lift gives a more lifted, curled look and darker tint to the lashes for 6-8 weeks. Must come makeup free

$75 路 1 hour

Brow Tattoo-Choose One

Please visit my website for information on what the difference is and which skin type each is best suited for. The touchup options apply to MY CLIENTS ONLY. If I have never done your brows it would not be considered a touchup.

5 Options

Eyeliner Tattoo - Please Choose One

Permanent eyeliner. Please see my website to ensure you are a candidate and to determine the style you want. If I have never done your liner, it is not considered a touchup!

7 Options

Tattoo Removal

Pricing starts at $250 for the first session. Saline solution is used to lighten and lift pigment toward the surface for eventual removal. Any small tattoo can be lightened and eventually removed. please text me a picture of the area to be lightened for quote 570.309.8964

3 Options


2 Options

Microneedling-Choose One

5 Options


Followup appointment for tattoo removal or tattoos so that I can check on the healing process!

Free 路 15 minutes

Allergy Test/Consultation

Allergy test and consultation for brow appointments. Fee will be credited toward service if booked.

$25 路 30 minutes

Bridal Trial

3 Options

Wax-Choose One

If you need all more than one area waxes book multiple waxes. If you need brows and lip done and only book 1 wax we may not have time!

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Lash Or Brow Tint -not Henna

Lash OR Brow tint. Regular tint not Henna

$20 路 30 minutes


Henna brow tint with wax. Henna is meant to stain the skin to appear filled in with makeup for up to 10 days and on the hairs for 6-8 weeks. Tools are used to shape and check for symmetry.

$35 路 1 hour

Shape And Wax

A variety of took will be used to draw and map out your brow shape using your existing brow hair and bone structure before waxing and trimming.

$25 路 30 minutes

Hair Style

Free 路 1 hour

Spray Tan-Salon

Norvell airbrush spray tanning. Will be at RD SALON

$25 路 20 minutes

Rebecca Daletto