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Lean Systems & Overhead Management

At the end of the day, its not about how much money your practice brings in but how much you save and take home. Let's review your latest P&L statements and see how we can minimize your expenses and ways to improve your bottom line. We can discuss your staffing and payroll concerns to see if you need more or fewer staff. We can also discuss your marketing budget and calculate your ROI to see if it is where it needs to be or to develop an a comprehensive marketing plan for your practice. This call in itself will save your practice money and your thinking how to access your purchasing habits.

Price Varies $350 · 1 hour

Marketing & Branding

Developing your brand distinguishes you from the dental office down the street. What is your practice motto or philosophy that you want your patients in your community to rave about? During this call, I will help you brainstorm ideas to develop your brand specifically for you and your practice. No silly tooth and smile logos! After your logo has been developed, how are you branding it appropriately in all your marketing material? Check out the brand I created for my husband at

$400 · 1 hour

Brand & Logo Development

If you are thinking about re-branding your practice or establishing a new practice, developing your logo and brand is a must! A logo and brand is what differentials a Starbucks cup of coffee from another establishment with a white cup and black lid. During this extensive call, we will hear your practice vision, learn about you and your interest and what message you would like your patients and community to know about you and your services? I will work with you and our graphic designer to develop a logo that defines your brand. You will receive multiple iterations of your logo, CMYK colors and high resolution source files of your final logo after several off-line meetings and feedback.

$2,000 · 1 hour

Orthodontic Scheduling

Working hard or working smart? It all starts with making your schedule work for you and your team rather than just working for your patients. A lot of GPs add orthodontic services to their schedule and don't schedule efficiently, thus the 18 month case turns into a 28 month case. Let me show you how to maximize each orthodontic visit so your patients in clear aligners and braces only require 4 to 12 visits, respectively.

$500 · 1 hour

Understanding Orthodontic Insurance

In-network, out-of-network or fee for service are various modalities patients will pay for their orthodontic care. Some insurances pay less than others but it might be beneficial to keep that plan if you are a GP! Let's think about the big picture of your practice and see which insurance plans (or not) you should select, what orthodontic codes to use and how to bill them accordingly. During this call, I will share with you my orthodontic insurance verification form to accurately check your potential orthodontic patient's benefits so there are no surprises for you and the patient when the braces come off!

$600 · 1 hour

Orthodontic Notes Template - Consultation

Open Dental Template for orthodontic initial consultation

$250 $250 · 10 minutes

Orthodontic Notes Template - Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

Worksheet to help the general dentist create a systematic workflow to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning orthodontic cases.

$500 $500 · 5 minutes

Introductory Call

Have a specific question that you need immediate help answering? Or do you need to help developing a strategy or business plan for your practice? This call will allow me to better understand your current business situation and how I can help various avenues of your practice and financials.

2 Options

Open Dental Questions

Let me show you shortcuts and how to efficiently and effectively maximize Open Dental software for your specific practice needs. GPs looking to start an orthodontic division with your practice will greatly benefit from learning about the Ortho Module.

Price Varies $500 · 1 hour

Orthodontic Payment & Billing Questions

There are many systems and third parties that can help facilitate your orthodontic management and collections. During this call, I will show you lean systems and processes that I have implemented at my orthodontic practice that does not require an additional insurance or billing person.

Price Varies $500 · 1 hour


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