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Follow-Up Visit

Follow-up visits are regular follow-ups and typically last 15-minutes or less. Longer appointments may be required to go over test results, conduct additional services, etc. but this will be discussed in advance as needed.

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Phone Consultation

We offer follow-up phone consultations for our long-distant clients. Please note, phone consultations are available for existing clients ONLY. All inquiring clients, please call the office to learn more!

15 minutes


If you haven't been into The Spring for at least 6 months or more, we will have you come in for a Re-Evaluation. This gives us an opportunity to reassess your current health concerns and goals in a timely way. It includes a new Heart Rate Variability as well as a 30-minute examination. All Re-Evaluations must bring in new, updated paperwork available on our website under Client Forms. Please print (single-sided) and complete prior to your appointment.

45 minutes

Ali Wiser