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Mini detail (Plus)

With the Mini Detail Plus our detailers will remove very minor imperfections and make the exterior paint on your vehicle shine and smooth like glass. It's the perfect package if you care about maintaining the condition of your vehicle.

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Full Detail

With The Full Detail you will feel like you're driving off in a brand new car. Completely detailed in and out. (Heavily soiled vehicles will incur extra charges)

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Interior Detail only

Our Detailers will thoroughly vacuum upholstery and rugs, steam clean and shampoo interior to remove stains, dirt and odor. Dashboard and center console sanitized and conditioned. If your interior has leather, it will be steam cleaned to remove dirt and then conditioned. Plastic and vinly cleaned and dressed Interior glass cleaned (Pet Hair Removal will incur an extra charge) (Heavily soiled vehicles will incur extra charges)

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Exterior detail only

Perfect package to remove light swirl marks, and restore the shine of your vehicles paint. (If paint is too far gone, we will assess the condition of the paint, and if extra steps are necessary, there will be additional charges)

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Motorcycle cleaning

40.00 $40 · 50 minutes

Undercarriage wash

$10 · 10 minutes

Mini Detail

The Mini Detail is a step up from our routine wash with added protection to the interior and exterior components of your vehicle; The leather conditioner and vinyl dressing will protect your interior and the Spray wax will protect your paint and keep it shining for days. (HEAVILY SOILED VEHICLES WILL BE SUBJECT TO ADDITIONAL CHARGES)

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Routine Foam Wash

The Routine Foam wash is a thorough wash inside and out but not a detail. It's to maintain your car and keep it clean in between Details. It's recommended on a Weekly/Biweekly basis. (HEAVILY SOILED VEHICLES WILL BE SUBJECT TO ADDITIONAL CHARGES)

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