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Get all your documents notarized for FREE! Extensive notary services are provided to existing and new customers. Non-customers can get limited notary service when they get a FREE QUOTE from Eaglemind Insurance Agency.

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Get all your insurance questions answered over the phone! Get a quote, enroll in a health plan, and purchase any insurance policy by talking to one of our Licensed Insurance Representatives over the phone. The service is free and you can get everything done at your own convenience.

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Save up to $600 or more when you purchase a health insurance plan outside the marketplace. Generally and depending on your age and household size, if your income exceeds 400% of the federal poverty guideline, you will not qualify for tax credit to lower your premium. Your monthly premium may be very high as a result and your cost share (copay, coinsurance, deductible) may be extremely high. If you are generally healthy, you can purchase a plan outside the market place for a fraction of the cost. We have several affordable health insurance plans outside the marketplace that may meet your needs. Call us at (888) 775-7171 or (770) 325-7285 to get plans and prices. You can also book an over the phone appointment to speak to a Licensed Agent about your options.

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Has the thought of being able to cover bills, college expenses, and daily upkeep in the event of a loss or sickness crossed your mind? If so, you may be a good fit for life insurance. Life insurance can provide financial security when the breadwinner of the home passes and can no longer provide financially. But that's not all there is to life insurance. Some life insurance policies pay you lump sum money in the event of a critical illness such as cancer. Health insurance only pays the doctors and hospitals but a critical illness life insurance policy pays you directly and you use the money as you see fit. Now for those who want to benefit from a life insurance policy while still alive, we have a policy for you too. If you choose a $100,000 coverage for 20 years, and you outlive the 20 years, you will get all the money you've paid back. We also have life insurance and investment combined options. Call (888) 775-7171 EXT 700 or book an appointment for an in-home appointment.

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Thinking about a Medicare Supplement Plan? We can help. Some Medicare Supplement plans can give you peace of mind in knowing how much you are going to pay in the event of a major health crisis. If you’re faced with hospitalization for an extended period, a Medicare Supplement insurance plan could save you money. Hospitalization coinsurance costs for days 61-90 are $341 per day. Days 91 and beyond cost $682 per day until a lifetime reserve is met and you must pay all costs. These dollar amounts are for 2019, and all standardized Medicare Supplement insurance plans generally cover these costs for up to a year after Medicare benefits are exhausted. Generally, people who use health-care services frequently might save money by purchasing a Medicare Supplement insurance plan. However, if you infrequently need medical benefits, you could pay more for the Medicare Supplement insurance plan premium than you save. So let us use our expertise and years of experience to help you determine if a Medicare Supplement plan works best for you. If not, we also have other plans such as Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicare with Medicaid plans available as well. Speak to an agent today. Call (770) 325-7285.

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OEP stands for Open Enrollment Period. This is the time for all those who are currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Prescription Drug Plan(PDP) to use thier one time opportunity to change plans or disenroll from thier Medicare Advantage or PDP plan to original medicare. Please Note: During this enrollment period, you can only change plans if already enrolled in a Medicare or PDP plan and you can only disenroll from a Medicare Advantage or PDP Plan. You will not be able use this enrollment period to enroll into a Medicare Advantage if you currently have just original Medicare. We are to assist you and answer all your questions pertaining to this enrollment period. To speak to a Licensed Agent, please dial (770) 325-7280 or send an email to

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Annual enrollment period(AEP), is a time when everyone and anyone enrolled in Medicare Parts A, B, or both qualifies to enroll in a Medicare health plan, also known as Medicare Advantage plans. AEP starts on October 15th and ends on December 7th of every year. After this enrollment period ends, a Medicare beneficiary can still enroll in a medicare advantage plan if he or she is just turning 65(ICEP), lost other health insurance coverage(SEP), qualified for a federally-funded or state-funded program such as Medicare Savings and Low Income Subsidy(LIS) or just moved. We can help you transition into a new plan that meets your needs if you find yourself in any of the above situations. Call us at (770) 325-7285 and one of our licensed Medicare professionals will schedule to meet with you.

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Are you looking for that hard to find Dental plan that can cover major services such as ROOT CANAL, CROWN, EXTRACTIONS, DEEP CLEANING, TOOTH REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT, BRIDGEWORK, etc? Look no further. If you live in GA and or FL, you'll love our comprehensive value plans that cover all of these major services and more for only $16/month. Call us or use the link to find the best Dental Plan for you and your family.

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Has your auto insurance rate increased? We can help! We work with over 90 different carriers who are ready to give you the best rate to win your business. These carriers are admitted and that means if they ever go bankrupt, there is a state fund they can withdraw from to pay claims. You can save thousands using us to shop for insurance. You can also go to our website and start the quote yourself. Call us if you have any questions.

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We specialize in enrolling individual and employer groups into affordable healthcare plans on the marketplace. We know the requirements needed to grant individuals and employer groups the maximum help/tax credit needed to reduce your monthly insurance premium. We also offer different plans that are not on the marketplace. our goal is to help you shop for the best plan that you or your company can afford. We offer a do it yourself enrollment guide on the phone or at the Hiram GA Walmart location from Nov 1-Dec 15 every year. If you get stuck along the way, there will always be an Agent standing by to help you complete the enrollment.

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We are here to answer all your medicare insurance-related questions, help you search for plans in your area if needed, and help you choose the best plan that meets your needs. If you already have a plan in mind, we will help answer any questions you have about that plan and help you enroll. As brokers, we represent your interest and can offer you multiple Medicare Advantage OR Supplement Plans to choose from. Book your appointment today and an Agent will be assigned to you immediately to help you through the entire process.

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Jennifer Amaning

Jennifer Amaning is a Licensed Insurance Advisor who delights in helping her clients shop for affordable insurance rates without compromising coverage and service. She's very thorough, patient, and knowledgeable in her capacity. She's also very honest and always goes above and beyond to do what's right for her clients at all times. Jennifer will never make you feel obligated or put pressure on you to buy anything from her. She believes that if she takes care of her customers' needs first and helps them through the process, profit will eventually follow. So when you choose Jennifer as your agent, you are definitely in good hands!